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If I could find a way to see this straight, I’d run away to some fortune that I, I should have found by now…

After a looong week of hardcore studying, cleaning up and moving out, and saying goodbyes, I am quite mentally and emotionally drained as well as disoriented. Everything is just about wrapped up now…so what do I do with myself?!? I don’t have another exam to start studying for, or another program to plan, or somewhere I have to be…it’s the strange yet familiar feeling I get whenever a summer or winter break comes around. And I have a whole month of it before I move back to school for the summer 8 week session! I know I should feel content and relaxed for once and enjoy it – which I do – but I think my workaholic side remains a little too high-strung. It’s hard for me to just shake off the feeling that I have some deadline to prepare for. So I decided to make a short list of things that I could do to occupy myself – mostly things that I have pushed back because of school or other “priorities” that got in the way. If you’re also feeling restless, here are some suggestions for you as well.

  • Read a book. Seriously! I’ve been trying to spend more time reading books I just wanted to read for fun. The top of my list right now is the A Song of Ice and Fire series (aka what Game of Thrones is based on!) which I started last summer. But since each of the books are a thousand pages at least, I never got through the entire series. (I got lost somewhere in A Feast for Crows) I got A Dance with Dragons on my Kindle and can’t wait to get started…I have to stay ahead of the HBO show!
  • Watch a movie every day. I’ve had a looong list of movies to watch that only keeps growing. Thank goodness for Netflix – even if they don’t update their selection that often, there’s still plenty to keep me occupied. On my list at the moment are: American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, V/H/S 2, and rewatch all Miyazaki movies (it’s been a while)
  • Learn a new instrument! I’ve been messing around with ukulele for a while now, and it’s one of the EASIEST instruments to learn! A cheap ukulele only costs about 40 to 50 dollars, and the quality is still decent enough to learn on. I suggest checking your local music stores to see if they’re in stock, or perhaps even looking online. I personally use a Makala uke, which is plastic and was on sale when I bought it, but it’s still decent to produce some mellow chords. After learning just a few chords, it’s super easy to just Youtube some simple songs or Google chord progressions.
  • Start a new show to watch! Again, Netflix makes it infinitely (and sometimes too) easy to marathon a series. At least now I don’t have to worry about homework or studying when I binge watch something…other than the remote shame I receive from spending hours in my bed nest when  Netflix prompts me with “Are you still watching ___? Click continue to keep watching.”
  • Go for a swim! It’s crazy to think that the weather was 50-100 degrees lower just a little while ago. (Although I may have to take that back if the weather keeps being unpredictable…) Enjoy the heat by hopping into the local pool or a beach. I haven’t been to a beach in Chicago for years, so that’s definitely on my list to do sometime this summer.
  • Cook/bake a new recipe. Throw something together and try something new! I’ve never been a cook, so I’m hoping to have a few meals down pat before I move into an apartment one day. Now that I’m home, my dad wants me to bake some of his old favorites again – namely muffins and bread.
Have a great start to your summer!


One more spoon of cough syrup now, whoa…

(Cough Syrup - Young the Giant)

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