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Your life is not over

I make plans and when things are good of course they go well (or at least, go as planned). But most of the time, it doesn’t happen that way. The first response? Panic. The second response? Freak out jitters. The third response?


It’s this third response that sends most of us downhill and our self-esteem plummets pretty fast. We’re in the state of doom that no one can help get us out of and it can be pretty terrifying. The point most of us start beginning to doubt our plans probably happens halfway through our undergraduate career (although I’m sure it can happen in plenty of different other points, namely after graduating and realizing how difficult it is to find a job). For me, I have been up and down way too many times, yet in the end I gravitate towards the original plan because I think subconsciously that’s what I want to do the rest of my life, no matter what.

And of course I consider my Plan B, C, D, etc., but those won’t take into effect until two or three years of consistent determination to do what it is what I want to do. As they say, the third time is a charm! My brother was telling me how his one friend applied to the same medical school in three consecutive years, the first two times getting a rejection and causing her to take the MCAT two times. She had considered taking the MCAT a third time until she got an acceptance letter and now she’s going to medical school.

UH and Sears (or Willis if you prefer)

I ended my Kaplan MCAT class last Wednesday! It's so surreal that it's over...that means I'm on my own to take advantage of all of the additional resources that the course offers me! I'm so excited and terrified to take the real MCAT exam, but I am very determined to do well if I just study every single day. I'm glad my classes (biochemistry, homeostasis, genetics) are really helpful in studying for the MCAT!

Now, I don’t think I’ll have the pleasure of spending $1,000 each year for the application and another $270 each time I retake the MCAT (I really hope it would not come down to that), but if I do have that “pleasure,” then I know that the only thing keeping me going is my motivation to reach my goal.

Of course, not everyone wants it that bad. Sometimes we’re OK with exploring our other interests and pursuing careers there. That’s awesome! There are so many options, jobs, and schools that can carry you on to your career. So, when life seems dim, get your search on! There are tons of resources on campus and online that I know everyone can find their niche.

Check out these resources:

Best of luck to everyone! I’m excited to see how this semester will turn out. This week and the next week the Health Activism Committee will be at Clemente High School presenting health topics! I’m very excited to hear how the experience is for my members, especially for the new members!


Right now I’m struggling to figure out what jobs to keep and what to go “hiatus” on. I can’t decide! And the more that I think about it, the more I want to keep everything even though I know I shouldn’t. I mean, the MCAT is crazy important for the medical school applications and I can’t mess it up. You should only prepare to take it once, so all of the studying that goes toward it has to count.

RHA Fall Ball

I attended the RHA Fall Ball on November 9 in the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) on the 99th floor! Beautiful view of Chicago. We even got to go on the SkyDeck! It was scary if you looked down, but otherwise pretty sweet overall! XD This is a picture of me with my friend Amruta. We went to high school together and either met through tennis or badminton (I can't recall) but she's a great friend! =)

I can’t figure out what I should give up for a semester. On top of all of that, I have my health activism committee to run and I will have to train all of the members how to teach at the schools. We’ve been progressing in editing the past semester’s presentations and materials — but making those and presenting them is a totally different process. I’m glad I’ve become very comfortable with doing presentations and making people feel comfortable with topics they might not normally want to talk about in a serious manner. I just hope I can get everyone in HAC on the same page when the time comes.

I also have to contact the schools that semester. In addition, we have a LOT of people in HAC this year. To be accommodating, I always give them two options, either a Tuesday or Thursday to do their training since I know they’re super busy. I, in turn, go to both those days so that I can give them my feedback and prepare them for what they need since they will be representing us at the high schools.

I still have to contact Kaplan about that course! I hope everything will turn out OK. I know every single class I’m taking next semester will be super hard and loaded with information so I will have to keep on my toes with all of it.

If anyone has an input on what I should do, I’d love to hear it! Otherwise, I’m leaning toward keeping all of my jobs, clubs and my intense biology classes + studying for MCAT. Knowing me, I never give up anything unless it is SO impairing…(but I’m generally pretty strong and people call me crazy).

Wish me luck! =) Happy Thanksgiving, BTW!

The Cool Down

After two weeks of battling the first wave of tests, I can finally semi-relax. The next exam I am expecting is Polish (we have exams every two weeks so at least I can plan for those-ish) and Organic Chemistry Lab Midterm (October 24). Not too excited for that one…


I was working on my Polish homework the other night (which by the way he assigns us like 10 pages each night during the week and only like three pages over the weekend!), and suddenly I saw my good friend Piotr in the text. He is definitely a handsome boy! :D

The upcoming week will be intensive with work. I have so many projects and personal things to accomplish before the end of the week! Here’s the gist:

  1. Create vector of Cancer Figure for my nutrition professor’s book
  2. Create poster/information sheet for an upcoming guest lecture for the Department of Bioengineering
  3. Conduct RT-PCR on some human macrophages and then start a new experiment after that…
  4. Make a web application with Perl, PHP, and MySQL for UIC Campus Housing website (I am giving myself until the end of October to figure this all out).
  5. Finish and turn in my application for the Drumright Scholarship (due Oct 12).

The week afterwards will be my birthday weekend! I don’t have any plans besides the usual studying and working, but maybe my parents will come to Chicago to visit me and we can go to Chinatown to eat (we love hot pot!). I’ll be turning 20…*shiver* I already got a taste of what I look like when I’m super stressed and having terrible allergies and eczema the past two weeks, and it’s not pretty at all! I know medical school will probably be this intensive or worse, so I better find a way to cure my eczema before I suffer even more later!

Hot Pot at Chinatown Joy Yee's Shabu Shabu

We always go to the Chinatown Joy Yees's Shabu Shabu place to have hot pot. I have to get my pot with just plain water though because I'm probably allergic to MSG or whatever flavorful stuff they put in that soup. I need things in their purest form! Otherwise, my skin goes crazy and itchy. >_< LOVE HOT POT!

Gah, and I have to study for the MCAT sometime. I want to take a Kaplan course to prepare for it, but it’s $2,000! They have promotions that take off $200, but that’s basically the price of the MCAT so I’m looking for a better discount…In my club (SFP) we have two Kaplan MCAT courses we’re auctioning off at our next general body meeting…I hope I can get one. I’m sure a lot of people will probably want to get it too though. :( We’ll see how lucky I get! I was planning on taking the MCAT in April 2013, but now I am thinking about taking it during winter break. It’d be easier because I wouldn’t have to worry about classes and I could focus all of my time and energy into the test.

I hope things will go well, but eh, who knows where fate will take us all. I hope everyone is enjoying the October weather! It’s my favorite month (totally biased) and fall/winter are my favorite seasons. Best holidays and deals, hehe.

Keep smiling UIC! =)

NACURH 2012!!!


NACURH (National Association for College and University Residence Halls) was just this past weekend at the University of Colorado, Boulder. We brought a team of 12 consisting of Hall Council Members, RHA E-Board members, and Advisers to the conference. NACURH is an international organization in which on campus residents are brought to share ideas and knowledge in order to expand their thriving communities. It is the largest student organization in the world. For more info:

Pics from NACURH:

One of the Sessions for Advisors: Student Development Theory

Meeting students from around the world.

Supporting fellow communities from around the world at the "Pass the Torch" opening ceremonies.

It was an absolutely amazing weekend. I learned so many things about how to advise an organization to programming. Creative programs include “15 minutes to Save the World” and “Diversity [advocating on campus].” Their cafeteria was amazing as well, have a variety of sections: pasta, pizza, salad, grill, international, asian, and more!

They just announced that the following NACURH Conference will be held at the University of Pittsburgh. Can’t wait!

So just last weekend, I had an awesome time eating sushi in Chicago. Which I just realized, unlimited sushi isn’t as popular in the suburbs as it is in the city.

So here are my:
“Top 3: Places for Unlimited Sushi [that I've tried]“ 

3.) Ichiban Sushi Cafe
1422 W. Taylor St.
Chicago, IL. 60607

2.) House of Sushi and Noodles 
1610 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60657
[Can't find website]

1.) Sushi Para II 
2256 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL. 60614

So I have a wedding to attend for the weekend, I’ll be sure to send pics!

Stay Classy Chicago!
TOPIC FOR NEXT WEEK: Preparing for the FE [Fundamental Engineering Exam]

ANSWER FOR LAST WEEK: My favorite summertime snack would be WATERMELON 

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Where are you right now?????????????

Working in Chicago for the Summer

The weather has been treating everyone pretty well these past few days. I love the warmth of the sun, although it’s probably not too good to be out when you have bad skin like I do (sad days). I should probably make an appointment with the dermatologist before I leave for Taiwan, but I doubt I’ll get one in time since it always takes one or two months to get an appointment…and by then I’ll be gone and possibly not suffering, though temporary, from bad skin.

I’ve spent the past week working nonstop and lazily lounging around in my apartment in SSR. The 1-person studio is quite amazing I have to say. It looked small upon moving in, but once I finally put all my things together, I realized there was so much space that I could still use to fill up with stuff! If only I had a television, haha.

Paperclip Jar

I downloaded Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator from the Adobe website recently because they came out with CS6 and they have an AMAZING student and teacher deal right now where you pay only $30 a month for a year to have unlimited access to all of their products. How cool is that?! It's so awesome-looking and I've been playing with my Wacom a lot more. This is a drawing of my paperclip jar! I got it from Chinatown in a gift shop.

The four/five jobs I am spending the summer doing before I go to Taiwan:

  1. UIC Campus Housing – I have implemented Google Analytics to the housing website and from that we’ll be trying to see how we can use the information to make our website better.
  2. Research – Even though I’m not getting paid (no FWS offered in the summer), I still go in at least three times (2 full days and four hours on another) in the lab to get stuff done. My PI is hoping to finish writing a paper by the end of the summer. Not sure if I’ll get mentioned, but I’ll cross my fingers that my data is good!
  3. Writing Center – Sign up online to get an appointment! We help with any kind of writing. I work TR at 4pm.
  4. Blog – Yay
  5. Graphic Project – I got a short-term job to make graphics for a publication and it’s pretty exciting! I just started and man there are a lot of shapes to draw, haha. Can’t wait to finish it soon.

How’s your summer going? =)

Top 3: Tips to Get Internships!

Hello Chicago!

Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 3! I’m going to off on a random tangent for a second and say I’ve been playing Mass Effect 3. The story is spectacular as well as multiplayer. (regardless of the highly criticized ending– NO SPOILERS PLEASE). To catch other readers up to speed, please watch this trailer

Can you say GRADUATION YEAR?? I just registered for Fall of 2012:

CME 301- Behavior and Design of Metal Structures
CME 396- Senior Design I
CME 410- Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures
CME 411- Chemistry for Environmental Professionals
CME 434- Finite Element Analysis I
Random Picture of the Week: (by Winston)

Craving Buffalo Wings sooo much!! --(Picture from RJ Grunts near Lincoln Park)

 Top 3: ”Tips to Get an Internship” with UIC Office of Career Services

#1.) Network, Network, Network!
It’s not the what you know, it’s who you know. “Literally place yourself in the crossroads of networks– put yourself out there and when opportunity comes, employers will know who to find

#2.) Never, EVER, wait until the deadline 
There are many other students competing for that same job and employers usually have their candidates/hires lined up by the first week; well before deadline 

#3.) Internship hunting, is A LOT like dating
If there’s a company out there you really like– go ask them out! As every pick up artist says, “the easiest way to win them, is to just call them .” Confidence is attractive to many employers and they want to scope you out before they become committed to any relationship.

That’s all I got! Stay classy Chicago,

TOPIC NEXT WEEK- Top 3: “Dating Places for UIC Students” 

ANSWER FROM LAST WEEK- My dream job would be to be a restaurant owner

MUST SEE THIS WEEK- Anchorman II in Production! Return of Ron Burgundy



Nice weather we’ve been having. I don’t have much updates this week, other than our SPRING BREAK starts next week!!

So the following pictures are from my Senior Year– The year where I became a full fledged cadet. I’ve been taking summer programs in ROTC since 2008 for my Military Science Level 1 (MS-I), but my senior year, I did ROTC during the school year and had a great experience!

UIC is home to the Army ROTC for all of Chicago-land. The armed forces and veterans of Chicago thank UIC for supporting the program and providing opportunities to students to gain great hands on leadership.

3rd Brigade- Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon (10/24/10)

Marseilles Training Area. Delivering AAR (After Action Review) after an assault on an enemy campsite.

Atterbury Training Area: 4th Squad defending AA (Assembly Area)

ROTC Awards Banquet at the UIC PEB

Zeroing Range. MS-III Cadets must qualify here for Basic Rifle Marksmanship before shipping off to LDAC.

Military Ball at the Holiday Inn at Mart Plaza


That’s all for now. Happy Spring Break to all of UIC!!! Once we get back, it’s a blitz to finals week =)


TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Super Senior Year- The year I became a Senior Staff Member for Campus Housing

ANSWER FOR LAST WEEK: My plans for spring break may include traveling to Wisconsin for one night with my friends, then a Bulls Game.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Favorite 90′s song when you were a kid??

More RSB Please!

Hello UIC!

This past weekend was the High School Regional Science Bowl. For me it started off a bit sour. On my way to pick up my niece I got a flat tire. Since I had to go to the event my cousin let me borrow his car to get to the first bus stop at Curie High School. We rode the school bus from Curie High School passing through Juarez Community Academy and Schurz High School to our final destination in Evanston. Thank you to Qetsiy’ah for the picture.

The volunteers being debriefed. The excitement was building.

It was nice to see so many alumni volunteer for the event. The competition rooms were full and the kids were all really excited. The day started off with the practice rounds and went on to the competition rounds. I took my niece who had a team from Curie. After the event she was so happy about it that she told me she would bring another team from Curie next year. It was overall a very fun and exhausting day and it was all worth it.

On the weekend, I also had the pleasure to see my Aunt, my cousin and my niece from Minnesota. I was very glad to see them; they are a delight to have around. Although they came to see my uncle who is in the hospital, we had the opportunity to share some time together while watching my older niece’s wedding. My aunt is absolutely the nicest woman I know but although she is a nice person, she is very strong and does not let anyone upset her or take advantage of her.

This Weekend is the” I AM WOMAN Conference” I was honored to be part of the planning committee. It is especially exciting because it is the first event of its kind. Usually when we go to conferences the workshops are on the most part led by men. In this conference all the workshops are led by women and the conference will be highly assisted by college and professional women. More details on this next week.

Thanks for reading this week!


Interwebs: we meet again.

I am taking an independent study to redesign my website, WHICH, after taking graphic design and almost completing this masters of biomedical visualization, is looking pretty pitiful right now. Web design was the first class we took, and it was my first time being introduced to writing code, and ya know? the first time for anything can always be a flop. In fact, I have hidden it from people so that no one can ever see it again.

So here are some potential layouts for my redesign. I like having a lot of white space and I like simplicity. These are just rough ideas of course. If you feel strongly about any of them, please comment.

#1. homepage: the blue area would be a cellular landscape, which I have yet to create. But you get the idea.

#2. on this homepage, you could drag and move each category with your mouse, like an interactive sort of thing. then you click on each category to see my portfolio.

still idea #2: if you click on a category, a portfolio slideshow pops up like this. Click the arrow to see the next image.

#3: homepage. It's more of a cute, cartoony feel. The categories would have labels that pop up as you hover over them. Then you click to see the portfolio.

Still brainstorming, but those are my ideas!

(NOT anatomical) Cars!

Well, it finally happened. I got my first gig as a biomedical visualizer. Wait a second, it’s not exactly for biomedical visualization. But it IS for visualization! I met a patent lawyer on the train to St. Louis last summer, and gave him my contact info. And he found me on linked in, and wanted me to do a patent drawing! I’m well on my way to becoming a… patent illustrator? I don’t know, it sounds really cool… but let’s not get crazy here. I didn’t even get paid for this. It’s to “see if I’d be a good fit” type thing. Oh man I probably shouldn’t spent 5 hours on it… One thing is that I had to bring back my Adobe Illustrator skills… a good thing!

This guy does work with autonomous cars. They can drive themselves! Here is depiction of what I drew, but I need to keep some privacy so I left out some specifics. Pretty excited about this.

sketch of oblique view

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