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About the city of Chicago: around town.

My AICE (all i can eat) day

This past weekend was by far the most filling weekend I have had since the start of the year; and when I say filling I do mean filling. I designated Saturday as my all I can eat (AICE) day and placed myself up to the challenge. I decided to do nothing but eat out all day and enjoy Chicago for what it really had to offer. To begin my weekend I started off by going out for breakfast to a place called Einstein Bros Bagels, located at 180 North Michigan Ave. Needless to say this venue offered some of the most unique combination of ingredients for a bagel that I didn’t realize was possible. I ended up getting an egg sandwich Panini, which was amazingly delicious.

After breakfast I decided that it was time for me to work off some of the excess mass that I had gained. So I did, I went to the gym and stayed there for about 1.5 hours but only mustered up the strength to work out for about 35 min, lol. It’s relatively hard to do when your full and relaxed, so don’t judge. After this I figured some hot soup would do the soul some good on a cold winter’s day such as this past Saturday. So my next stop was Panera Bread, to be quire frank i don’t understand why they offer you a side of bread when all of their sandwiches already come with an ample helping of bread. However, I went in for soup and had myself a large bowl of cheddar cheese and broccoli soup that did wonders for my taste buds, after burning all that mass and calories at the gym I deserved that bowl of cheddar cheese and broccoli soup.

After which my aimless wondering led me downtown where I went perusing through stores such as H&M and others. I did this for about 3 hours with a friend, after which she said that she was hungry, unaware that I had been indulging in the art of eating all day long. In addition she stated that she was not just hungry but super hungry which meant that the only right thing for me to do was to join her on this quest and eat just as much as she did so she wouldn’t feel self conscious, lol at least that’s what I convinced myself. She picked a place to dine and I followed.

So our next stop brought us to a place called Bat Toma, this place was really trendy and right off Michigan Ave. Pretty upscale a guy like me, if you asked, moreover the food was mostly organic which kind of scared me at first, partly because some of the names on the menu I had no idea what they were. Good thing for the internet on my blackberry, with this I was able to search the names and answered questions about my food choices as if I were “highly sophisticated”. Anyways we ordered a Margherita pizza and a few drinks and decided to see a movie afterwards to work off some of my new found mass through visual stimulants—if there is such a thing. Food in Chicago is always great but it is even better with a friend.

City of dreams

When we think of Chicago most people tend to associate it with the magnificent skyscrapers, wonderful diners, its rich cultural/theatrical districts and head quarters to some of the biggest corporations. Chicago is a place of opportunity a place where almost anyone with an idea that seems profitable and possible can start a legitimate business. We Chicagoans are lucky to rub elbows with some of the most influential people of our time. I promise this to you, if you have the chance to stroll the magnificent mile chances are that you will run into someone influential or famous. I remember having dinner at the four season’s hotel one afternoon and right across from me was former mayor, Richard Daley and his wife, I gladly took the opportunity to introduce myself. Now that I look back at it I probably ruined his dinner, but how can a wide eye college student such as myself pass up such opportunities to clasp the hands of one of the key decision makers of my generation. My point being, Chicago is a city of hope and dreams just look at Groupon; a Chicago based company that sprouted up practically overnight and now has a valuation of somewhere close to 10 billion dollars. That’s a lot of cash! I am sure that most college students realize that working hard in school is important but so is meeting individuals who can play an integral part in shaping your career paths. So I part with this pronouncement, the city is your sandbox filled with many resources one might require, so build your castle—don’t be afraid to fail every idea is worth something it’s up to you to determine its worth. Failure is the first step to success. Each day hundreds of brilliant concepts and ideas are generated but only a few are ever implemented, take a step forward and embrace Chicago for what it’s worth. Take all that this beautiful city has to offer and when the time comes be ready to give back with a smile; that was for the future philanthropist.

A city build from dreams

Just Pictures!

Pictures of my past week!

RA/PM Winter Training and Hypnotism 

Campus Housing Senior and Professional Staff Meeting, preparing for Spring Semester and RA/PM Interview Process

JST Staff outing at Lucky's =)

After winter training for RAs and PMs, they were rewarded with a show by a Hypnotist that seduced staff members.

The hypnotized male staff volunteers raising their child to the song "Circle of Life."

New Years Eve and Day

Lincoln Park Zoo- Evening Lights


The entire Lincoln Park Zoo is light up like a Christmas Tree with so many activities!


Ice sculptures at the zoo.


My first time seeing the giraffe exhibit.


My dog Poochie on New Years Day

My dog also loves to sleep.

 See you all next week!

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: And so it begins…

ANSWER FOR LAST WEEK: My new years resolution is to get an internship. I know it’s lame resolution but I really want one =)

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What classes are you taking?!

College Winter Break


Sleeping so much and no alarm clock– It’s an awesome feeling after finals week! However, there’s still work to do. I’ll be spending the next few weeks applying for summer internships at difference engineering businesses, agencies, and firms. Hopefully I’ll make my 2012 summer a very productive one.

So my first week after finals, I went to check out some new restaurants around Chicago, and my hometown Bolingbrook. I’ve been craving burgers lately which brings me to our article:

Top 3: Must-Have Chicago Burgers

Kuma's Corner: Neurosis Burger

1. Kuma’s Corner
This place is absolutely delicious. I can’t even begin to describe the burgers rich taste, go checkout the menu for yourself! The restaurant and menu is influenced by rock music and heavy metal bands.

2. Rockit Bar & Grill
These burgers melt in your mouth. You can taste the mouthwatering juice and marinade from the burger; and the truffle fries are fantastic.

 3. Epic Burger
If you’re a more on the go person, this is the place to be. Epic Burger has the most pure and natural ingredients starting from it’s burger and includes the milk shakes, ice cream, fries and more.

See you all next week! Best wishes for holiday shopping–

Topic Next Week: “Time Capsule Video”

Question of the Week: If you had one gift to give your idol-crush for the holidays, what would it be?

Road to UIC

Hey flames!

When I say road to UIC, I literally say the road to UIC. I’ve been conducting research on Roosevelt Road for Transportation Class.

Our class project is resolve traffic congestion on Union and Roosevelt caused primary by commuters exiting and entering I-90/94. Our observed data revealed that more than 2600 cars pass that intersection every hour, equating to roughly 43 cars per minute.

Us observing nearby intersection on Roosevelt Road

After we gather data, we analyze the level of service and come up with a solution that will be cost effective and will accommodate to the long terms demands within 10 to 15 years.

The intersection of Roosevelt & Union Road

A student’s life wouldn’t be complete without exams. So I’ll head back to studying and see you guys next week!

Here’s my Top 3: Things I Learned About Chicago Traffic

3. Lane Width Matters
The lesser the lane width (even by a foot), the more reduction in traffic speed due to increased cautionary driving.

2. Bicycle Lanes Reduce Traffic
Cyclist are frequent targets of car and pedestrian traffic. If there are no bicycle lanes, cyclist will use the road to avoid pedestrians thus decreasing traffic flow.

1. More Lanes Does Not Mean Less Traffic
A major concern right now, especially for the future, is urban gridlock. Cars are being added to the roadway exponentially and there are only so much lanes that can be added. Perhaps lanes aren’t the answer but mass transit.

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Internships for Civil Engineers!

ANSWER LAST WEEK: I think the coolest couples costume I’ve seen is Fry and Leela from Futurama– and their child Nibbler

QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Something I learned about 2011 music…

How you know it’s fall in Chicago

How does one know that fall has arrived in Chicago?

Mostly you can’t know for sure, you just feel it.  The wind picks up.  The smell becomes a damp, leafy one.  People around you start bundling up, carrying umbrellas, sniffling.  Babies start crying.  You begin fighting the urge to hit the snooze button, because it’s darker than usual and your comforter is 3.5 times more comfortable in the fall than in the summer (proven fact, see Claire et. roommates, 2011)

Below are a few more reasons you know that autumn has snuck up on you as you come spinning out of summer—and then an Indian summer—with your t-shirt still on.

1)   The trees are turning! But the flowers are still blooming.  It’s an intermediate stage between one extreme and the other.

Couldn't resist adding this one- view from the train heading from Chicago to St. Louis

2)   You’re walking down the street, a gust of wind comes, and all of a sudden you can’t see.

And trash lines the streets due to high winds…

3) The shadows.

The shadows become stretched out as the sun gets lower in the sky.

4)   Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!

Always a good indication of fall. I think Starbucks bring it out the same date every year- they’re pretty consistent like that.

5)   one day you wake up and everyone’s dressed strangely.

You guessed it- HALLOWEEN!

6)   You can see the Sears Tower (sorry, Willis…) when you couldn’t before.

7)   General gloominess and rain.

8)   Last but not least, you look over while doing homework and your roommate is sitting in her most comfortable outfit, under a happy lamp.

That’s right- it’s a sun lamp! Everyone should get one.  Fifteen minutes in the morning, and you’re set for the day, happy as a clam.

Notes from a Portlander

“Dear Chicago,

I want to live in Wicker Park.

Lots of love,


So my friend Megan from Portland, city of hipsters, hippies and big mountains, came to town recently to visit the Big Apple of the Midwest. And like most people hailing from the Pac North West, she really had no idea what to expect. In fact, when I lived out there I would tell people where I was from, and they’d ask, “What’s it like on the East coast?” and I’d have to explain to them that no, there is actually a lot of land mass and culture between here and New York city. So I think if you had asked Megan to say a few descriptive words about Chicago before she came, she would have said “hot dogs, tall buildings and thugs.” That’s all she knew!

I took her around town, and she had a great time. We saw some comedy, we rode on public transport, went shopping and went to the Art Institute. After her visit, for curiosity’s sake I asked her to list the three best things about Chicago and the three worst things. Here they are, in random order:

1) The architecture. The buildings have an old brick aesthetic to them, but all the different neighborhoods have a slightly different style, making it interesting to walk around in. (in Portland they use a lot of wood to make the houses- I guess they didn’t have a massive fire last century that scared them off from doing so. Also, lumber is pretty big out there.)

2) Tweakers on the bus. Not so fun to turn to your left while riding the bus and see a guy laying across two seats and an isle, twitching slightly and completely oblivious to the world. Maybe it’s a big city thing, but Megan had not been exposed to a lot of tweakers. It’s really no fun for anyone, including the one doing the tweaking.

3) The weather. Coming from Portland, where the rainy season began a couple weeks ago, an Indian summer in Chicago was a nice surprise. “Isn’t it supposed to be cold here?” Megan asked me while sweat rolled down her face as we walked in the 75-degree sun. Yes, but this is what’s so special about Midwest weather- never know what to expect.

4) The food. It’s hard to come from a place where they serve gourmet bratwursts and organic tossed salads at the airport to a place where wieners reign. As Megan said, “They’re not even Kosher!” The food in Chicago is… different. Less fresh seafood, more grease. We’re definitely in the heartland of cows and corn, and it didn’t take long for the west-coaster to notice the meat-heavy menu. Hey, I like it- it’s just harder to be a vegetarian here, if that’s your thing.

5) People not covering their mouths when they cough on public transport. Yeah, I have to say I must be used to this little phenomenon, but ever since Megan observed this, I’ve been a little paranoid about getting the plague in Chicago. Of course it’s not everyone who does this, but that one person who chooses to cough into space instead of into their elbow is also choosing to jeopardize the whole bus. Not cool, guy, NOT COOL.

6) The culture. The diversity! All the different ethnicities, all the different preferences and styles in Chicago. And I will attest to this; when I lived in Portland I felt a little stifled when I’d get on the bus in the morning and everyone would be sitting quietly, head down, reading their novel. Not to get me wrong, there is a different kind of diversity in Portland. Like all the different kinds of sunglasses! Haha. But yes, the diversity and exposure to hundreds of different cultures in Chicago is a big plus for everyone who lives here.

So these are reasons why Chicago is the best but also what it might be able to improve on… in the eyes of a Portlander. So bye bye Megan, tell the beautiful North West hello but also tell them to come visit the Midwest- because it’s pretty awesome too.

Biking in Chicago- an Experience Unveiled

I’ve been biking every day I get the chance to class and work, navigating my old-school, silver trek road bike through the streets of Chicago and trying out all the difference routes to both East and West campus. And in doing so, I’ve experienced and seen some strange, crazy and pretty normal things, but things that are very unique to Chicago. I’ve noticed that biking through Chicago takes all 5 of your senses on a roller coaster ride. Here is some of the true grit of riding a bike through Chicago:

The choice between potholes, an opening car door, and a moving vehicle.

Chicago has a vast amount of potholes. And they all seem to congregate directly in the middle of the bike lane. One time I saw a pothole so deep that I couldn’t see the bottom of it! What was down there- a small animal? A shark swimming around in murky waters? It was scary!

The passing smell of chocolate.

There is either one huge chocolate-making factory in Chicago, whose chocolate exhaust wisps around the city with the wind, or there are a lot of small ones scattered throughout the city. I’ve smelled it downtown, I’ve smelled it on the west side, and I’ve smelled it up north. It comes and it goes, and I have no idea where the chocolate is. WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE? Some day when I have nothing better to do, I’m going to follow my nose and get to the source. Mmmmmm….

The passing smell of trash.

My favorite route to school is directly down Wood St. to campus. There are minimal cars, even during rush hour, due to the fact that Wood runs straight through a warehouse district. The only down side is multiple trash facilities that are hidden in the depths of the district- and I’ve found them. I’ve come to associate the loud beeping of a truck in reverse with the smell of garbage. I try to avoid these trucks but sometimes they find me.

The mixed smell of hot dogs, donuts, chocolate and trash.

Ok I know I’ve expounded up the passing smells of Chicago, but the real experience is the mix of all of them together! I can’t tell if I’m hungry or need a gas mask…

The angry driver.

Classic Chicago drivers: they’re mad all the time. You stop in front of them at a stop sign. They’re mad. You drive 3 miles over the speed limit- they’re mad. You’re turning left in front of them and you take too long to do it- they’re mad. You’re riding a bike- they’re MAD! Well, I have experienced anything too terrible, but it’s the usual accelerate-way-to-fast-around-the-biker scenario. Don’t worry- they usually give you a lot of space–even take up the opposite lane–but they just want you to know that they’re NOT HAPPY about having to pass you.

The occasional overly nice driver.

They’re usually driving a Subaru, and there’s a dog sitting in front, panting out the window. They refuse to go, even when they obviously arrived at the stop sign before you. It’s really nice, but really confusing, given the fact that I’m used to the angry driver, as described above.

The skyline.

Chicago is extremely flat. I can think of one slight hill, in the middle of town on Halsted, which surprises me every time. Given the flatness of the terrain, you can see everything from anywhere. I mean EVERYTHING. I can see a tall man’s bald head from two miles away. When I’m biking to school I look over to my left and there’s the Chicago skyline! The one I’ve seen on postcards and photographs all my life. It’s a beauty, and after a year of being here I’m not used to it yet. And the best part is early in the morning, when the sun’s just coming up, (this doesn’t happen a lot, but there’s the occasional surgery that starts at 6:30am), it rises behind the buildings, and it’s orange. It’s totally orange and pink. The city’s on fire!

The fellow biker.

No matter how fast you think you’re going on the road, there’s always some guy in tight jeans, hipster glasses and a one shoulder satchel (that will give him scoliosis when he grows up, if he grows up) who zooms by at, I swear, 30 + miles per hour. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t eat much and can therefore propel himself forward at almost the speed of light. Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s already 20 minutes late to his meeting at the bike shop where he works, but that guy, THAT GUY, will always pass you, and not even look your way.

Then there’s the maniac signaler. Who is not only signaling, but screaming “RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT!” Who is she talking to? Not the drivers, because their windows are shut and they’re listening to the radio anyway. Maybe they’re talking to the dog or the squirrel that’s about to run in front of them. Or the pedestrian, so they don’t run ‘em over? I mean, I’m all about arm signals for bikes, but the yelling? Overkill.


So these have been my experiences as a Chicago cycling commuter. Every day there’s a new surprise- like the dog-pulling-owner-on-bike scenario, or the human-on-bike-pulling-dog scenario (which I saw today). Or the skateboarder who thinks he’s a biker, and takes up the bike lane. Or the pedestrian who simply refuses to acknowledge you and crosses the road, causing a near miss. (I hope I never hit a pedestrian, that would be embarassing… ) What will I see next?

For the Bibliophobe and the Cafeine-ophile: Coffee Shop Alternatives When the Library Just Won’t Do

Do you get nauseous at the thought of frittering away hours upon hours at a small desk in a corner of the book stacks?  Does the complete silence of the library increase your anxiety more than your concentration?  Are you the type of studier that requires direct access to caffeine at all times if you are expected to retain any of the information in your books?  Well, then you’re not alone.
Having studied pretty much day in day out for all of April and May, and having spent an ungodly number of hours in coffee shops to the point where both my books and hair perpetually smelled of espresso, I’ve come to know quite a bit about coffee shop culture in the fine city of Chicago.  Knowing I was in it for the long haul, I felt compelled to branch out from the Starbucks down the street and see what the city had to offer in terms of purveyors of caffeinated beverages.  Don’t get me wrong, as is the case with any med student, Starbucks holds a special place in my heart, and  I dare not bite the hand that sustains me; but in this case, I just felt I needed a change of pace, to ramp up both my motivation and productivity.
As such, I figured I’d give a quick run-down of some of my favorite locales around the city (mostly north side) for a good cup of java and even better cram session when you just can’t study in the library.
 Intelligentsia: 3123 N Broadway (Between Barry and Briar)
                Neighborhood: Lakeview
One of my mainstays.  Although Intelligentsia is a little pricier than some of the other options, for any self-professed coffee connoisseur the product is well worth it. With fair-trade options brewed by the cup via a variety of methods (just ask the barista and they’ll take the time to explain why they brew certain blends certain ways!) and a staff that’s well-versed in latte art, Intelligentsia puts Chicago on the map in terms of café culture.  And beyond that, the shop offers a spacious feel, with good lighting and plenty of big tables where you can park yourself across from other caffeine addicts and students alike.
                Pro’s: lots of space, outstanding coffee, and a regular group of studiers
                Con’s: pricier than most and no discounted refills; too busy and chaotic on weekends
The Coffee Studio: 5628 N Clark St.
                Neighborhood: Andersonville

If you’re from Andersonville, a surrounding neighborhood or just don’t mind travelling a little for a few good hours of productivity, then The Coffee Studio is not to be missed.  Of all the coffee shops I frequented during the lead-up to my board exam, this was hands-down one of my favorites.  The coffee is excellent, the staff amiable, and the space immaculate.  This place offers ample outlets for laptops, cushioned seats and a quieter atmosphere than most anywhere else.  The verdict: studying in comfort.  The prices vary, but can be on the higher side, and the baked good selection is better than most.
                Pro’s: newly-finished, well-lit space, quieter atmosphere than most coffee shops
                Con’s: earlier closing hours, higher price-point
Ipsento: 2035 N Western Ave.
                Neighborhood: Bucktown

If you’re into the hipster scene and don’t mind the indie band of the moment as background noise, then this hole-in-the-wall café may be a good fit.  Even if it isn’t quite your scene, it’s worth checking out at least once if just for the drink that bears its namesake.  The Ipsento is a latte made with coconut milk, honey, and a touch of cayenne pepper, and can make any day of studying bearable. (Seriously, it is out of this world).  Although the locale is a little gritty and the space is dark and reminiscent of your friend’s parents’ basement, the baristas are incredibly friendly and the overall atmosphere is one that is pretty conducive to getting work done.

                Pro’s: the Ipsento, the staff, and the younger crowd
                Con’s: pretty dimly lit, not necessarily the quietest coffee shop
Asado: 1432 W Irving Park
                Neighborhood: North Lakeview
This place is one of Chicago’s hidden gems.  Up against bigger primary producers like Intelligentsia or Metropolis, Asado seems to hold its own, processing and roasting their own beans in-store for a cup of coffee that is so smooth that milk and sugar are rendered completely unnecessary.  Despite its meager square footage, this place has a good number of tables for spreading your books out and is generally well-suited for studying.  If you don’t mind the distraction of the barista roasting a batch of beans every now and then in the gargantuan metallic roaster that serves as the centerpiece of the shop, then this place just may be for you.  And if you’re interested, and want to learn something that you’ll probably never be tested on, ask the employee behind the counter how the roasting machine works and they’ll likely give you an impromptu tour (at least they did when I asked).  In contrast to the other coffee shops in the city, this one has a mom-and-pop feel that makes it a comfortable place to be, and excellent coffee and food to boot.  Definitely worth checking out.
Pro’s: coffee roasted the same day you order it, comfortable space, street cred for knowing about this place before your friends
Con’s: small and easily crowded
New Wave Coffee: 3103 W Logan Blvd.
                Neighborhood: Logan Square
 Frequented by all types (but mostly hipsters) New Wave offers a lot when it comes to a coffee shop study session.  Located just off the infamous Logan Square roundabout, this shop offers a spacious setting with numerous couches, love-seats, tables, and yes, even desks – for some reason a desk is just easier to stomach within the context of a coffee shop.  Regardless, whatever your preferred posture while cramming information into your brain, you’ll find it here.  Oh, and the coffee and pastries (which are vegan) are good too.  So if you want a more lax feel with a lot of the same perks, all in an up-and-coming area of the city, New Wave is certainly a destination to check out.
                Pro’s: located off the blue line (i.e. UIC-accessible), spacious and comfortable
                Con’s: Noise level can get a little high at times
Honorable mentions:
Kickstand Espresso Bar (824 W Belmont) in Boystown: good on the weekends as it tends to avoid the hoards of people that make any given Starbucks unbearable from Saturday to Sunday.  Very gay and very hipster; doesn’t hurt to look the part.
Atomix (1957 W Chicago) in Ukrainian Village: spacious place to study; not the best-lit, but overall not a bad choice for studying.

Chicago + Froyo

Even though this week was literally only three days, it felt like forever! I spent most of my July 4th weekend trying to finish up ARIS homework for chemistry (no firework watching for me sadly) along with vectoring images for t-shirt designs since my brother wanted to get those done soon. And yes, you heard right! My brother and I are attempting to create a t-shirt/clothing company. Obviously it is in the making and process, but it’s a fun thing to do when you feel stressed out from school—details will come soon when I get the website going (I can’t wait to code). I must warn you ahead of time, it is pretty awesome and you should purchase for yourself and loved ones. ;D

Now, the main reason I feel a tad stressed is because the summer session at UIC is really intense and I happen to be taking two courses: Chemistry 114 and English 222 (Tutoring for the Writing Center). Why am I taking the latter course when I only get elective credit, which could have been spent on an art class?! Good question! A part of it was because my English 161 professor encouraged me, and the other part was because I have always been fond of writing. It is another medium that you can take on and manipulate to express how you feel, given that you know the rules and what rules are okay to break thanks to your artistic license. I’ve been tutoring at the Writing Center as well as sitting in with SEWW (Summer Enrichment Writing Workshop) classes with incoming freshman to help formulate ideas and organize their thoughts in a more fluid and effective way. It saddens me a bit to see them ask me questions about what they should put in their paper to get an A instead of trying to focus on writing a well-written paper, but I hope with time they will enjoy writing.


Anyway, the point of that spiel was because this past weekend I had to write about eight pages worth of text for that class about my tutoring philosophy and a literacy narrative, which I wrote about the first time I noticed color (the writing center has a strong mission for social justice). My mind was exploding because I had no idea how to start a paper on my tutoring philosophy without having much experience and practice besides reading tons of articles on the theory of the writing center. Luckily, I talked about my papers with someone in the class (we had to cross-tutor for these assignments) and it was such an enjoyable conversation. I mean, my major is biological sciences and I am constantly surrounded by “the anal pre-med students” as Joel Brown calls us/them and it just isn’t the best environment. Many are just overly competitive and only care about the end result, making the pathway to that goal the least important worry. I love being in classes that involve non-science subjects because it makes you think differently and interact differently with others. There is only one other biological sciences major in my English 222 class, and everyone else is either an English major or an education major. Gosh, I am too busy.

I didn’t go to work Monday because of the holiday, but tomorrow morning I’m going in to check if I have any assigned tasks. I love working for UIC Campus Housing because they are so flexible, the staff is chill, and I get to make websites! I remember back when Xanga used to be popular I had my own website where I made layouts for people. I was seriously obsessed with coding and made one layout each day, maybe even two layouts a day. Too bad I don’t have a life now with all the studying I’m doing!

I kid. Today I finally took a breather and went to downtown Chicago! My friend Grace texted me and told me Pinkberry was giving away free yogurt as a promotion for their opening tomorrow, and man do I love frozen yogurt! I had to wait two hours in line and my feet and legs were really straining, but it was totally worth it. It was a nice treat because earlier today I had a quiz in chemistry (boo) and had to run a qPCR with new samples at research, which took a bit longer than expected. Yeah, I am exhausted. I am also disappointed in my Zune. I think I’ve had it for two or three years now, but it just randomly deleted all of my songs and videos and pictures! It’s really bizarre and I hope I can figure it out by tonight or tomorrow because it is such a great MP3 player, but if not…I’ll have to call up Microsoft to ask them what’s the issue. Ah, my phone is starting to act up too. Technology these days…

Here’s a picture of the front…after waiting two hours in the longest line ever. Oh well, free food is always delicious:

My yummy yogurt choice: Mango flavor with kiwi, strawberries, mochi, and a wafer!

Well, this is quite a long post…I suppose I’ll stop soon. This weekend will be a very chemistry compounded weekend: lab practical Tuesday, second exam Wednesday (I seriously JUST took one a week ago), and lots of lab reports and homework to do. Did I mention I don’t like chemistry? Man, and I have to write even more essays! I already miss home and my cute baby turtle Chompy.<3

“Throw your feet in the ayer, ay, ayerrrr.” – Chompy. Props to Flo Rida for original lyric.

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