Where did my summer go?

I have less than a month of my summer left.  What the heck happened?  The polar vortex is back.  Seriously?  I’ve worked my butt off for two months.  Where is the money to show for it?  Oy.

The Competitive Foot closed.  It was a very, VERY exhausting week not only for the store’s emotional closure, but also because I was working about 60 hours with no day off and I was physically exhausted.  I had some long, LONG days.  I celebrated with co-workers for the success we shared and the good times we had together.

On August 18, I officially unofficially start student teaching.  I have to be at school and go to meetings and whatnot, but the kids don’t come until the 25th.  THEN I officially officially start student teaching.  I’m very excited and super nervous.  The good thing is that my mentor teacher and I are both new to the school so it will be a learning experience for both of us.

Three weeks of summer left.  Where does the time go?

Last weekend, my cousin, my aunt, her friend, and I went to see Blake Shelton at Wrigley field.  Even though I am a SOX Fan….Let me repeat….SOX Fan, it was very cool.  We had rooftop seats and I had never been on a rooftop before.  I think they purposely put the stage where we couldn’t see it, but we heard it and it was still awesome.  The weather was perfect, too.

It wasn’t long before I noticed some people that I knew down below on the last section of the bleachers.  It looked very VIP and I saw a familiar face.  I squinted down and stared realizing, “OMG that’s Jonathon Toews!!!”  Word traveled from rooftop to rooftop all on my discovery.  It ended up being the entire team.  Bryan Bickell waved to me.  I saw all the new guys as well.  It ended up being an extra show to watch. 

We were on Twitter looking to see if they were saying anything about being at Wrigley, and sure enough…the word was getting out and they started posting pictures and statuses.

It was very cool to see them out having a good time after working so hard during the season.  Don’t have too much fun boys! We have a cup to win this year!!

As for the next month, I’ll be working, seeing Jake Owen at the Illinois State Fair (yeah…I didn’t know we had a state fair either), planning a weekend getaway with my boyfriend to Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, MI, seeing Luke Bryan at Soldier Field, the Chicago Jazz Fest, and then mid-September going back to Wrigley to see Zack Brown Band.  A lot of country music.  This is actually the FIRST year I won’t be going to Lollapalooza. Sigh. There’s always next year.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the rest of the summer because you can’t get a better summer than a summer in Chicago! <3

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