Adventures in babysitting: The finale

Bye bye summer.  Isn’t that the most depressing phrase ever uttered? Today is my first day of student teaching…without the actual teaching part.  The children don’t come to school until next week.  This week we are basically starting from the ground up.  Our classroom has walls…and that’s about it.  The school that my teacher was at previously was where I thought we would be.  In the spring, we both found out her room would be moved to another school.  Apparently, they are redoing the big art room to accommodate our special ed preschool room.  It isn’t done yet. It might be nice to have a blank slate to start a brand new classroom.  We’re just hoping we can pull off a miracle before the children do show up.

School starting also means no more nannying, at least full time.  I was able to arrange a couple days babysitting after school.  Even though these boys drive me UTTERLY INSANE, I think I’d miss them if last week was the last time I’d ever see them. For our last long day together, I had the whole day planned.  I took them to Oz Park.  It’s a park in Lincoln park that my parents used to take me when I was little.  It has the most amazing playground made all of wood.  It’s huge and it was just as amazing as I remembered it being.  There are little nooks and crannies that kids can crawl through, and deemed to be a bit small for me this visit.  The boys had a great time and really enjoyed exploring a park they had never been to before.  I also put together my last scavenger hunt.  I put clues all over the house and candy at the very end.  They (the mom and dad) gave me a bottle of champagne to celebrate my new adventure and the boys all made me cards. My favorite was “Thanks for all the babysitting, Lauren.”  The day was great and it was such a nice way to end a hectic summer.

It is also the end of my 17 day diet: cycle 1.  I lost a little over 5 lbs (which was less than I set my goal for).  But I do feel better and that’s all that matters.  I am starting cycle 2 today.  Should be a bit easier because the list of what is allowed gets much longer.  Still no junk food.  No soda.  And I’ll only have wine like ONCE (or twice) a week.  Veggies. Fruits. Proteins.  I think my favorite part will be being able to eat shellfish again.  MMMmmm shrimp!! And I’m to increase my workout regimen from….pretty much nothing to riding my bike everyday.

This week begins a brand new chapter for me and I couldn’t be more excited.  Wish me luck!!

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