Is it spring yet?

Ok winter, you’ve had your chance.  Time to go away now!

I am so ready for warmer weather.  It’s that time of year when I start to get stir crazy.  I’m tired of the big puffy jackets.  I constantly feel like Randy, Ralphie’s younger brother from “A Christmas Story.”

All the layers just create more laundry! I’m tired of constantly searching for a new pair of gloves because I lost one (and only one) from my previous pair.  I’m tired of the sniffles.  I’m tired of the kids always getting sick.  Which, in turn, gets me sick.  I work in a germ factory.  I’m tired of immediately freezing my buns off when I step out of the shower.  It becomes a mad race to put as many layers on as possible.  I’m tired of shoveling snow.  Although, shoveling has been somewhat of a substitute for working out on days I can’t get to the gym.  And I’m tired of being cooped up in the house.

So, now that I have all my complaining out of the way, I can think about all the stuff I am planning to do this spring and summer.

Of course, I am planning on going to a couple hawks games.  I have tickets to an April game and a playoff game in May, which I’m praying doesn’t fall on a night I have class!!

I’m also planning on running a couple of races.  I haven’t entered a race in a really long time but I’m really excited for this one.  The Color Run! You have to wear white clothes and by the end of the race, you have paint all over you!

I recently started listening to country music (which my family totally makes fun of me for).  Maybe in the last couple years, I started liking it a lot.  So this summer, I am going to Country Thunder! It’s a four-day country music fest. I’m going with a fun group of people and I’ll be treating it like a vacation.

I’ll definitely be going to Lollapalooza, too!  The 2013 lineup was leaked and looks good!

And that’s my list so far.  I know it will get A LOT longer.  Spring and summer…here I come!!!!

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