Spring Break has Sprung!

It’s officially time for Spring Break! As always, I’ve got plenty of ways for you to utilize your time off of school in the best way possible. The break will go by incredibly quickly, and then we’ll be on to our last month or so of the 2013-2014 academic year. Make sure to accomplish a lot from your to-do list (or at least from my list for you!) so that you are ready to come back to school on the 31st all ready to go!

Saturday, March 22nd: A great way to start break is with a clean mind. Clean our your backpack, folders, pencil cases, etc. Whatever it is, it’s bound to have some things you definitely don’t need to hold on to anymore. Reorganize them and throw out anything of no relevance; this will prepare you for the end of the school year and will allow you to go back to school with a refreshed mind.

Sunday, March 23rd: While you’re on the mini-spring cleaning kick, try doing the same in your bedroom. Go through and get rid of clutter . Even rearrange the furniture in your room. This will help you lose some of those winter blues and could very well inspire you to study or do homework in the space. It’s always nice to switch things up a little.

Monday, March 24th: At this point, you’ve been working pretty hard each day. Take a break from all of the efforts and plan a movie marathon. Take some time (or the entire day!) to start watching movies from the list you’ve been meaning to see. You deserve the break after the stress of midterms and school in general. Make sure there’s a nap or five built into there as well.

Tuesday, March 25th: Now that you’re reenergized from all of your time laying around watching movies, take a trip out and get things you need to survive a Chicago spring. If the next season is anything remotely as extreme as our winter weather, I’d be worried and expecting much more precipitation. Make sure you have a handy pair of rain boots and/or a jacket with a hood! We’re probably in for it all over again.

Wednesday, March 26th: Time tickets for class registration went out this week. That means everybody is getting ready for the upcoming year. Take the break to look at course descriptions as well as your DARS. This way, when it’s time to come back from break and register for classes, you’ll be more than ready.

Thursday, March 27th: All that thinking about school has probably got you ready for yet another break! Use spring break to prepare for a small roadtrip or a large vacation in the summer. If you’ve worked hard this year, you certainly deserve it.

Friday, March 28th: Take care of yourself! At this point, school is just around the corner. Go for a whole new perspective by getting an awesome new haircut or getting a massage. Whatever it is that helps you relax and unwind, try it. Self-care is really important, and spring break is a great time to stop what you’re doing and care for yourself.

Saturday, March 29th: There are officially two days left to break. So sad. Learn a new recipe for some type of food that will help you cope with the fact that you’ll be back to work sooner than you may want to be. Treat yourself!

Sunday, March 30th: Last day! Take this time to reflect on your time at UIC thus far and prepare for your future. Think about what things you hoped to accomplish while at college (specifically at UIC) and write them down somewhere where you can review them. This time goes by incredibly fast and it’ll be over before you know it. Take advantage of living in the city and of the fact that you go to such an awesome schooll!

And just like that, it’s time for class all over again. But not for long! Make sure you enjoy your short but sweet spring break!

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