Favorite parts of summer

My summer is officially over, which is really upsetting. But I am happy to get my final year started and get on the road toward graduating. I’ve made a lot of awesome memories these past three months…

Even though I was originally reluctant about the idea of going, traveling to St. Louis for a few days was my favorite memory of the summer. Kevin and I had such a great time on our first vacation together, and I’ll never forget the trip. I’m ready for another vacation already!

I’ve had so much fun with Bear all summer; between walks and playing, I don’t know what I’m going to do without him every day at school. My favorite thing we’ve done this summer is swim. I don’t have a picture of him doing it, but he’s such a great swimmer, and he loves it! Who would’ve thought that a little sheltie would be so into swimming? It’s so cute to see how excited he gets when we open the gate by the pool. He knows it’s time for him to get in, and he freaks out.

I know I talk about my internship all the time…I do realize it. But I had such a great experience and already miss going in to the office and finding out what the day holds. I really enjoyed going in to work in the morning…don’t think many people say that…

I also got to spend two nights in the emergency room for my internship. We had different reporters and videographers from the media come out to witness our level I trauma center. Staying overnight and seeing the doctors and nurses work under such pressure was incredible. The teamwork there is unlike anything I have ever seen. I’m so glad I got to witness this.

A final thing about my internship-getting to see stories I wrote on Advocate’s health enews website and seeing my stories picked up by the media. This made me feel really successful and like I did something that transcends my time at my internship. It’s like I really made a mark. Very gratifying.

Ice cream! Need I say more? I made sure to eat as much ice cream as possible this summer. I’m pretty sure that was a great choice.

I spent a lot of time trying out new recipes on my family this summer. I’d say I’ll miss it, but I plan on taking advantage of Kevin’s kitchen in his room this school year. Don’t ask why I never took a real picture (snapchat only) of anything I cooked…I swear it happened!

Although it wasn’t hot very often this summer, I managed to get a fair amount of time in the sun. Laying out and enjoying the rays made this summer great. In my case, the darkness of my tan directly correlates to the level of satisfaction I have with my summer.

I had a great time riding my new bike through the woods on an almost nonexistent trail. It was a great workout and a little bit too outdoorsy for me, but I really did enjoy it. My bike rides through the city won’t be anything like that.

Back in June, we went to Arlington Race Track for what was my first time. It was so much fun experiencing the horse races and betting on them. I didn’t win very often, but I’m still very proud about my $8 win!

I had a really fun and short summer. I hope this last year at UIC is just as great!

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