Perks of Being a UIC Student

Every time I hear a person complain about some aspect of UIC, I laugh to myself (or oftentimes outloud…) There is no reason for someone not to enjoy their time at UIC; college is what you make it. I think it’s safe to say we are far more fortunate than almost all other college students. Not only do we have a great university, but we get a chance to go to school in the city, giving us direct access to millions of events, stores/restaurants, internship/job opportunities, history, etc. Because of all of this, we are not just having a college experience, but a UIC experience.

This weekend gave me two more reasons why it’s great to be a UIC student. Thanks to UIC and Campus Housing, I spent my Saturday night on the 99th floor of the Sears (“Willis”) Tower as the Residence Hall Association hosted their annual Fall Ball.

Looking down at our campus from the skydeck, I couldn’t help but think about the massive, ever-growing list of things UIC has helped me to experience. For example, I most likely never would have been up to the skydeck, but this weekend was my third time, (all thanks to UIC!) As I looked at the rest of the city, I thought about how fortunate I am to have Chicago at my fingertips while I am here, providing me with thousands of places to apply for internships and places to go during my “free” time.

As if Fall Ball wasn’t enough, I got to see my favorite band since 2005 perform at the UIC Pavilion Sunday night. The Paramore concert was incredible! Their set list was an absolute dream-with just the right combination of their old songs and new ones from the self-titled album, every fan there had to be pleased. My boyfriend gave me tickets for my birthday back in October. It was a challenge to wait patiently for the concert, but I feel like it came at just the right time. These two nights of fun were the ideal break during the most stressful time of the semester.

I’ve been to the Pavilion for countless UIC events, but never for anything else. It was so funny to see it transformed into a concert venue. The stage was the most mind-boggling thing- it looked great…as if it was always a stage for concerts. It felt strange not sitting in section 110/the student section (during basketball games). It was so great to just walk a couple of short blocks back to my room after the concert as I watched a few thousand people crawl out of the pavilion and cross the street to the parking lot. All the while, we couldn’t stop marveling at the fact that our favorite band came to OUR school as their Chicago leg of the tour.

After such an incredible weekend, it’s time to get down to business (and enjoy Thanksgiving!) Good luck studying for finals and finishing/starting those projects!

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