I can’t wait!

Break is just a few weeks away, but it’s terrifying to think about how much I need to accomplish before it’s here. The only way I can get through these insane weeks is by looking forward to everything that is coming up:

1.  RHA Ball at the Sears Tower

2. Sunday’s Paramore Concert

3. Spending time with my family over break

4. Closing the residence halls for break

5. Deciding on a spring internship

6. Seeing my final grades

7. Cooking

8. Baking lots of holiday desserts

9. Following tradition and setting up the Christmas tree with my boyfriend & his brother

10. SNOW

11. Warm coffee & hot chocolate

12. Ice skating

13. Red nail polish

14. Inducting new chapter members to NRHH

15. Reapplying for my resident assistant position

16. Finding out my final grades

17. Winter programs with my residents

18. Christmas shopping

19. Seeing the Zoolights & Magnificent Mile Lights

20. Catching up on TV shows over break

21. Reading books

22. Making a snowman

23. Being around extended family

24. Sledding

25. Blogging about the upcoming weeks

26. A brand new semester at UIC <3

What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!



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