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I’ve been searching for a calendar script to upload to the Campus Housing website that doesn’t use Perl/CGI (because that’s annoying) and when I finally came across an awesome code I began to upload and test it out. We’re trying to get a calendar up so that the students taking courses for Summer College have a place to find fun events in Chicago and some campus housing-oriented ones, too! Anyway, as I was mingling with that I noticed I only had one month to study for the MCAT before I take the real thing.

As you may or may not know already, I had to postpone the exam two times because I didn’t feel prepared enough. The first date was March 23, which was two weeks after my Kaplan course ended (they say it is good to take it within a few weeks of taking the course)…but that was a bad time because I was really focused on preparing my Health Activism Committee members to Clemente High School and also studying for lots of exams in my science classes! So, I figured moving it to May 11, the day after my last final, would be a good choice. HA. I ended up following my fellow biochemistry friends to the library and stayed up all night to study for that Friday final. I am so glad I moved that MCAT because I don’t think I was able to fix my sleeping schedule until a week after!

Right now I’m doing the free Kaplan retake but I’m enrolled in the Advanced class (need a 27 or higher to be able to register for the class) instead of the Advantage class. It’s really awesome but super intense because we meet every TWR from 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. and have extra materials to cover on top of the regular stuff I was doing this past semester in the on-site class. I kept up really well during the semester and was able to finish everything and read everything, but doing it again I’m totally not motivated to reread that material (since I already read it and know it) so I’m a little confused on how I should go about targeting my weaknesses.

Hands down, physics is my weak spot, but luckily all those semesters of taking chemistry courses helps out with the physical sciences and biological sciences score! Verbal is a butt-kicker. I really need to improve my vocabulary because apparently “pictures” is the same as “film” in certain cases. Confusing.

The main reason I have been struggling to keep up with everything is because I am doing research in the morning, working at graphics/web for campus housing in the afternoon, then going straight to class. By the time it is 8:30 p.m. (we go over sometimes and it ends at 9 p.m.), I’m pooped! But I still stay up to at least do the topical tests that need to be done within 24 hours of the class for the best results (looks great on everything except for physics, haha). I haven’t taken physics since high school! That was four years ago…time sure flies.

I’m also busy working on my medical school application and thinking about what classes to take in the fall. I’ve recently added human anatomy and physiology (KN 251) so I’m really excited about that! But, after adding the class, I was at 17 credit hours and I’m worried I won’t be able to dedicate time into research/work/other jobs so that I can pay for tuition. I hope my financial aid package got better this year! Otherwise, I better keep on applying for more scholarships at UIC. More scholarships = more time for school and less time for work!

To those of you who work while in school, KUDOS TO YOU! Seriously. It is something to be recognized for and don’t forget to give yourself a break! Think about your goals and never lose sight of them. (:

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far! I’m having fun vibrating mice and PCR-ing…coding and such. Hehe.

Oh, and studying for the MCAT. T-T

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About Milie Fang, Biological Sciences / Pre-medicine

I am a senior and an acclaimed workaholic. While I like to keep busy academically, I really enjoy the simple pleasures of hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, or listening to music. When life seems to go well, allergies and eczema like to butt in and make me miserable. I hope to go into medicine so that I can have a better understanding of skin and the immune system to help myself, and to also help others facing the same problems I have faced since I was three.

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