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After the first week of class, my cranium has been worked out like an old train engine! Holy smokes. I’m surprised I’m still alive, haha! I’m glad I’m taking it well so far, but I know the closer exam time comes around, the higher the stress I’ll feel (and I’m already feeling it to the max right now). I’m being influenced by others in my classes, especially anatomy and physiology. I’m just taking it as an elective, but typically most students who take this course are pre-pharmacy, pre-nursing, pre-dental, kinesiology and nutrition majors, and/or crazy like me! xD

UIC Target Night on Racine

TARGET NIGHT! It was at a different location than the last three years that I've gone. You had to play games to get free stuff, but at the end they had a nice packaged to-go tote bag filled with free things to compensate. I bought bananas, fruit cups and a package of GoGoSqueeze! I'm trying my best to eat more fruit!

These students are usually sophomores and juniors; let me tell you, sophomore year sucked! My GPA was totally dead that year and even though junior year was so much better, it was a heck of a lot of work. My senior year, so far, seems to be the most insane because of my obligations and commitments, not exactly because of my classes. Everything together in this huge bundle is a lot to handle, but if I’m still alive, then I’m happy! I’ve already got my great study habits into gear, but all of this memorization to study every single bone in the body and the names of the different parts of the bones is kind of making me anxious for the exams that will be coming around by the end of September. I need a lot more practice so I’ll be visiting ASAP more frequently. It’s right next to MRH so I can just swing on by and rent a bag of bones!

I can’t even fathom what will be going on these next few weeks. I’d list them and such, but pictures say more than words (although I’m more of a word person the more I learn about myself and the way I like to study!).

Sushi at Hana

I ate with my cousin Spencer at Hana on Taylor Street when Festa Italiana was going on. It filled me up surprisingly! (:

Gyros at Greektown

I tried out a new restaurant in Greektown! It was Subway/Chipotle style, where you choose what you want on your gyro! It was yummy and surprisingly wasn't oily or greasy like some other gyros I've had. It actually felt healthy, haha!

Burger at 25 Degrees

My brother took my cousin and me to a place called 25 Degrees. They're known for their burgers so I went ahead and ordered one and WOW it was soooooo GOOD! I want to go back again just to have another one, but I'm a broke college student so I need to first pay of my tuition! Don't forget it is due September 28! Bank account, please prepare to be diminished.

Involvement Fair on West Side

I was representing the UIC Green Labs at the Involvement Fair on the west side of campus last week. We had great weather! My table was next to UIC Radio so it was kind of hard trying to talk to others. I felt like I had to shout at people when I talked to them, lol. I'm not good at this outreach stuff, or maybe I am because I did get a lot of people to sign up to get information on our next meeting. I saw a lot of my friends who were in medical school or pharmacy school or dental school and they were all saying how tough it was (but they kept encouraging me to keep trying, so yay!). Overall, I had a fun time!

Happy Birthday Roommate

My roommate's boyfriend bought her two large balloons and a vanilla ice cream chocolate cake! He was so sweet and made fried rice for dinner and then cleaned the dishes. You are the man! :D

I hope things are going well for you and your classes, UIC students! See you at the Involvement Fair on the east side of campus today! I’ll be flying to Texas in the early morning Thursday for my Scribe training, then flying back Monday night. I hope I can juggle the assignments/courses for the training and then the stuff I have to do at school! Luckily it’s only the second week, but man it’ll be done before you can say pie!

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About Milie Fang, Biological Sciences / Pre-medicine

I am a senior and an acclaimed workaholic. While I like to keep busy academically, I really enjoy the simple pleasures of hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, or listening to music. When life seems to go well, allergies and eczema like to butt in and make me miserable. I hope to go into medicine so that I can have a better understanding of skin and the immune system to help myself, and to also help others facing the same problems I have faced since I was three.

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