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Career VS. Family

It is quite fascinating to wake up each morning not knowing what the day holds for you. Very often one might optimistically view the coming hours as one filled achievements, at least something worthwhile. Being a marketing student has made me more focused and driven towards my career goals. However, it is imperative to realize that it is not always about work, some allotted time must be shared with the family. Although I strongly believe that with a successful career I will be able to not only support and foster a family while also being a positive role model.

Many times you hear negative connotation about a workaholic but not often do you hear the second hand benefits that working hard produces. Benefits such as a well fed family and ample supply of resources to help others in need, a little philanthropy if you want to call it. I remind myself daily of the various struggles and obstacles that I encountered growing up due to the lack of sufficient funds, and I use these memories as a drive to achieve more than my predecessors. This done in no way shape or form to belittle or condescend on the hard work that my parents have put in thus far, it serves only as a reminder of what I need to accomplish. Securing an honorable and honest career will help to provide a life map to my nieces and nephew, not necessarily coercing them to be like me but to show them that it can be done.

One of the most important lesson I have learned about career choices is that enjoy doing what you do for a living and the money will follow, so that’s the reason I took up marketing. Marketing is an extension my personality, always trying to find the underlying causes to peoples’ reaction and measuring how to sway them into doing what I want them to do. Some might call it manipulative but in essence is marketing at its simplest form the only difference is I am not always selling something. I was once told that a college education is a good thing but a specific marketable skill is much more valuable. I encourage everyone who has the time to search for that one thing they do well which has great value to society and build on it.

Dont Forget to Pack your Motivation

Remembering what motivated you to attend college can be an invaluable asset to those who choose to use it. What is the true value of a college education? What motivates you to keep going forward? Most individuals tend to associate these questions with the cliché answer, “oh well it’s for financial stability”. I find this response inapplicable in some students’ lives, the main intent and purpose for that student attending college is not always for the monetary gains. Yes, a college degree does provide students with the resources to secure their own wealth. However, what are other driving factors that lead students to attending college and stay in there? I personally believe that most students are here simply because they were told at some point in their education career that this was a good thing for them, don’t get me wrong it really is a good thing. But this proves to me that most of the students, not all, made their decisions about attending college based on what someone else informed them to do, with the student not always having their own reasons as to why they decided to attend college.

For instance, I decided to attend college not primarily for the monetary gains but because of the void in proper role models for my nieces and nephew. Now most of you would say “well of course you are going to college so you can make money to help your family”, and to those people I say you are right but wrong. Do not get misunderstand me, attending college and not just any college, UIC for that matter, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I attend college so that they can have an example to follow and hopefully reach further than I will. The bottom line to what I am saying is what is your motivation? What is intrinsically pushing you to achieve more in life? Quite honestly the pursuit of money can only get you so far. It is through the values and morals learned here at college that will allow you to become not just another individual with a degree but one that can change the world one person at a time. Now that might be a bit too much of a “head in the clouds” concept on college for some, but then again it is my personal opinion. If I were to say to my nephew (when he reaches the appropriate age that is) make sure you attend college/university.
At that point I should be more than able to say to him, look these are the steps I took to attain the things I have attained and this is what you can possibly do too. Leading by example is a far more efficient way of doing things rather than issuing rules, regulations and instructions. Therefore, when I am presented to him as a road map through life and college, he can see my flaws and my pros and decide if he wants to emulate then. I am not condemning those whose sole purpose is monetary gain, because maybe you have some extraneous situations that require just that and then again it is your own personal view. But even if your pursuit if sole monetary gain, there is something giving you that drive to wake up every morning and make a conscious decision to attend classes, do assignments on time and be a model student. “A man/woman who stands for nothing will fall for anything”, with that being stated—stand on what motivated you to be here and accomplished more than you had initially set out to accomplish.