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Grocery Shopping

Today was the most exhausting day of my life; I had the hardest Finance test ever created by civilized humans. Ok maybe it wasn’t that bad but still it was very stressful. And to add to the existing stress I had to go get groceries. I thought the day was going to get even more morbid but things started to seems as though they were turning around. I got home and guess what!! My new movie from blockbuster arrived! Yes! It’s Colombiana, and yes I know it’s about a year old but still I haven’t seen it, don’t judge.

After getting over the excitement of having a new movie came back to the realization that I need to get groceries. I am the kind of guy that goes into a store and get everything in 15 minutes flat. Why is it that guys use less time in stores when shopping, I think Darwin forgot to proposed that males were predisposed to a single strand of gene that allowed us to zero in on our intended needs, LOL. So to avoid being in “Casa Del Pueblo” for an hour I wrote a list. Mans second best friend.

And then there was more

That bimbo stand looked pretty good to be honest. I miss being a kid sometimes, I remember when I use to eat all I wanted in the store and paid for the empty rappers at checkout, LOL, now people look at me as if I’m crazy.

The deli was by far the most complicated part of my shopping experience, telling the butchers how you wanted your steak fillet or your ground beef is so time consuming, partially because I have to wait to tell them what I want.

So after taking 20 minutes to shop for groceries, thanks to the meat man I was 5 minutes over my long standing grocery shopping record.

Ok I’m finally home, these bags were heavy!

Unpacking is the part of shopping that I despise; I always end up putting bags everywhere and breaking at least one of the eggs.

Even though all that happened I still ended the day on a high note thanks to Colombiana and some mandarin oranges. Until next time think ethically.