Nothing could top last weekend

Me in Las Vegas Rock Climbing

Happy October! My name is Kandyce.  I am currently a grad student in the Criminology, Law and Justice department.  It is around this time in the semester when I begin to get in panic mode.   Waking up at 3 a.m. to finish homework and scratching my head wondering how I will ever survive the semester seems to become a daily ritual.  In fact, Tuesday I had to wake up at 4 a.m. to take the correctional officer exam in the suburbs.  I’m burnt out like many of the people in my cohort.  In order for me to stay sane, I have to find something I love outside of taking a class about serial killers.  For me I have found a love in fitness.

Fitness has been an important part of my life in the past few years.  My sister and I are both group fitness instructors, plus my mother recently lost 40 pounds in order to serve in Afghanistan (she left Wednesday).  It’s been a family affair and I love that we can bond and stay healthy at the same time.

What an awesome weekend for me in the fitness department!  I’m not even sure where to begin!  Well, I am currently training for the Honolulu Marathon with Team 2 End AIDS (T2).  T2 is a training endurance program where participants raise money for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and raise awareness by participating in certain events such as the Chicago Marathon and Chicago Triathlon.  Not only did I run a very nice 10 miler on Saturday, but on Sunday the annual AIDS Run and Walk Chicago happened at Soldier Field. I did not run in the event, but I did volunteer.  As a volunteer I got to chat and rub elbows with all of the VIP members, including Wanda Sykes, Jamar Rogers from “The Voice,” and Lt. Governor Sheila Simon.   To top it all off, on Monday, my supervisor informed me that I was voted “Fitness Instructor of the Month.”   So despite the fact that I had to read approximately 800 pages on a very depressing criminal justice topic this week, my weekend ended on a very high note.

Me with Jamar Rogers. (What a sweetheart. I felt like I was talking to an old friend.)


Me with Lt. Governor Sheila Simon. (Did you know she is addicted to watching Downton Abbey?)

Me with Wanda Sykes. ( I look WAY too excited to be in her presence!)

I look forward to sharing my training process with you as I prepare for the Honolulu Marathon in the next few months. I am actually from a suburb 15 minutes outside of Honolulu so I have mastered the art of occupying my time during the nine-hour-long flight. (Tip: Find a show everyone keeps talking about that you haven’t seen yet and download the first season on your laptop for the flight…*cough*Downton Abbey*cough)

And so it begins…

- – - Hey UIC!!

First day of classes, now first wave of midterms are around the corner?! Can you believe it? Fall hasn’t sunk in yet for me, but October is my favorite month.

So this year is my graduating year; I think of every class like it’s the last – it’s kind of a bittersweet feeling. Walking around the quad, I realize there’s so many new faces around UIC and seeing changes, I’m starting to feel old.

First day of Senior Design Class!! CME 396

*So here’s my schedule for anyone in the same class!*

CME 301: Behavior and Design of Metal Structures
CME 396: Senior Design I
CME 410: Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures
CME 434: Finite Element Analysis

I had a “Chicago” Summer this past few months. Taking cooking classes at Kendall College while teaching engineering courses for After School Matters and Project SYNCERE.

Presentation Day! Teaching miniature golf course design (Credit: Project SYNCERE)

MRH RA Program: Marshmallow Engineering Night

So a small snippet of senior life at UIC! Next week I’ll talk about things UIC had “back in my day” you won’t believe =)

Stay Classy Chicago!!!

TOPIC NEXT WEEK:  “Back in my Day… UIC had ____________ [fill in blank]”

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What was your first class of this Fall Semester??

Overwhelmed and Loaded

The past week consisted of a mixture of freaking out, sleeping early to wake up super early to study, and more freaking out. It’s not over for this upcoming week, so I wish you all the best in your pre-midterm craziness. To refresh your memory and for those who do not know, here are the classes I’m taking this fall 2012:

  • Polish 101 – The books have NO English, anywhere. We have exams every two weeks, and I’m the only Asian in the class (woohoo REPRESENT!).
  • Introduction to Biophysics – I have my exam on October 4 and let me tell you, this class will blow your mind with all of science subjects mushed together! It’s so cool and so hard at the same time…
  • Abnormal Psychology – The book cover really scares me, but the professor rocks! We just had our first exam this past week and I hope I did okay…I was running on 4 hours of sleep when I took that, in addition to the Polish exam I had.
  • Organic Chemistry Lab – It’s only one credit hour, but it could potentially cost you $200+ on the materials and four hours a week of your life (until you stop taking the class)! Writing the lab reports are so time-consuming…and then you have the pre-lab to do…
  • Nutritional Assessment – It’s once a week for three hours, my favorite kind of class! I have an exam on Friday and I hope it will be like the quizzes and homework (I’ve gotten perfects on those so far…)
For Simona's birthday, we went to Navy Pier and took a ride on the ferris wheel!

At the beginning of the semester, my roommate Simona turned 20 and we celebrated by going to Navy Pier and took a ride on the ferris wheel! It was quite exciting and I wish I could have more time to explore the city...but darn organic chemistry lab takes a third of my life so I can never even go home! :( I can't wait for the next break to happen (Thanksgiving?)!

I was going to add another class but then I figured I should really take it easier this year since I plan on taking the MCAT this coming spring. I haven’t started my studying, nor do I really know when to start! My cousin told me to just read read read and remember my physics again. A couple of my friends have already taken the MCAT! Nice for them that they took the prep course in the summer…I probably would have done the same but I definitely couldn’t give up the chance to volunteer in Taiwan and also see my mom’s side of the family there!

Speaking of which, I have yet to upload any of the photos from my trip! There are a ton of tagged photos I’m in on my FB…but I should probably put up my own at some point. I’m so lazy with that stuff.

Phew, I’m so exhausted. On top of classes, I’ve got my load of 6+ part-time jobs to handle and also my mini-club within Society of Future Physicians! I swear I could literally branch off because there are that many people interested in it this year. I am really excited and hope things go well…I can’t believe I had so many students sign up to be a part of the Health Activism Committee! It really boosted my self-esteem, haha! I guess I am getting a lot better at my public speaking and convincing others to join me in my quest!

I have also been busy writing good applications for research awards and scholarships that have their deadlines coming up soon. I’m applying for the Sarah Madonna Kabbes Research Grant so I can fund my research at the lab I work at and I’m also applying for the Drumright Scholarship to help pay for my tuition, which by the way TRIPLED this year! It was so painful to see my bank account get deducted so much…but hopefully with the extra jobs I have they will slowly build up…

So the past few days (with the exception of today), my skin was acting weird. My arms, legs, fingers, and neck were fuming with eczema! It was terrible and incredibly difficult to sleep at night, especially the nights when I had to study for an exam. It is NOT easy to resist an itch than to resist pain; trust me. My face has gotten a lot better. I’ve been off steroid use (topical, not oral…although that stuff works wonders to treat inflammation…but VERY bad for you.) that my dermatologist was giving me before for three months now! Instead, I’ve been taking traditional Chinese medicine and avoiding tons of foods that the doctor said would make me “hot” and thus “itchy/red/inflamed.” It’s a sad list of foods I can’t eat, but at least I can finally shed some pounds! :D I basically eat a gluten-free, vegan diet…I am probably deficient in many nutrients so I make sure to take a multi-vitamin every morning with some gluten-free bread and stuff. It’s good!

My dad was in Naperville recently for work and stopped by H-mart to buy fruit! He found both Mangosteen and Dragonfruit. This is a picture of Mangosteen and it was the first time I've ever had it! It's really good and filled with antioxidants. I'm glad I can have fruit in my diet, excluding mango lychee pineapple and strawberries...

My dad was in Naperville recently for work and stopped by H-mart to buy fruit! He found both Mangosteen and Dragonfruit. This is a picture of Mangosteen and it was the first time I've ever had it! It's really good and filled with antioxidants. I'm glad I can have fruit in my diet, excluding mango lychee pineapple and strawberries...

I make all of my meals this year since eating out is not an option (especially if they have no vegetarian sources that are not fried). It’s tough, but I try my best because I really want to be cured of eczema. MY DREAM & LIFE GOAL!

And my other goals, specifically for this year, include: teaching myself Spanish, draw anatomical figures, practice erhu/violin/piano, study physics & MCAT, and clean my room more often (and I guess learn how to cook). I think I want to get into poetry too…but so far I haven’t had time for any of these things…

I took lessons for the Erhu (two-stringed Chinese instrument) before my freshman year at UIC started and it was going really well but then I got too busy with school and didn't continue until now! I have dramatically recalled how to play and it's been great! I am planning on going home every weekend to take lessons and to keep up with music because I really love it. (:

I took lessons for the Erhu (two-stringed Chinese instrument) before my freshman year at UIC started and it was going really well but then I got too busy with school and didn't continue until now! I have dramatically recalled how to play and it's been great! I am planning on going home every weekend to take lessons and to keep up with music because I really love it. (:

Can you believe it’s already October? My birthday is on the 18th and I’ll be turning 20. It’s pretty scary to think about it, but eh. The beauty of life is that we all grow old and I can’t wait to spend it helping others with their skin problems and also taking care of my own family and then watching my kids grow, hehe.

See you around campus UIC! I wonder if you can recognize me with my short hair and apparently more well-dressed clothing (can’t forget to mention my floppy hat). Taiwan-influence still has a hold on me.

Wait…I’m Half-Way Done With College?

Two years ago I was a freshman on a train on my way to classes at UIC for the first time. Today, I’m 20 years old, in my junior year of college.

Let me introduce myself – the name is Mike Queroz and I am now a junior here at UIC. I am majoring in Communication and minoring in Managerial Skills. I hope to be involved in the some type of media or corporate public relations management after I graduate in May 2014.


I’d like to say I have made the most of my time in college so far. Since I came to UIC I’ve been heavily involved on campus. I’ve been a part of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) since freshman year and I am currently in my second term as the Vice President. In USG I’ve done some amazing things like lobby in Springfield and co-organize the Undie Run. Last year, I was also a social media intern for the Office of Sustainability and wrote for HerCampus UIC.

I feel like now is one of those times I’m going to have to take a step back. Not only do I have junior-level classes this semester and my Vice President duties in USG, but I’ve added on a couple of more things, too! I was able to snag a great internship at a record label this semester and have also took on a part-time job doing childcare. Yeah, yikes! However, I’ve been managing well so far and just have to keep my head in the game of success.

But I’m ready to go full force at it, and I know that I want all of you to go along this journey to success with me. On the way, I hope to share with you all some of the things I’ve learned (and I am learning) on how to succeed at UIC.

As Chris Brown would say…”Leeeeggo!”

Some members of USG and I (far left) in Springfield talking to Rep. Ken Dunkin


The Nanny Blog

Kids are fighting, pillows are flying everywhere, the baby is climbing on the furniture with a poopy diaper (That’s right, I said poopy diaper), and I‘m trying to salvage what I can of the dinner I just burned.  I am not a mom. I am a nanny. I am a Chicago sports fan.  I love food and I love politics.  I am outspoken and I have strong opinions.  That’s me in a nutshell.

Currently, I am Graduate student at UIC working for my Masters in Early Childhood Education.  This semester is my second at UIC.  Before this semester started, I was anxious to continue my program and work towards my goal of being a teacher. However, I also experienced that feeling of dread of the first day of school.  It’s that same feeling that my kids experienced the last week of their summer vacation as they were preparing to start school (as I quietly jumped for joy). What? Summer is over? Well, it was a good one.  And maybe dread wasn’t a good word to use.  It’s too negative.  Someone who “dreads” school wouldn’t buy all their textbooks and color-coded pink and green school supplies a month in advance. So, I suppose I was rather excited to start classes again. I just became accustomed to having free time to do things like lay in my pool, catch up on the latest season of Breaking Bad, and of course, I read Fifty Shades of Grey…(all three in one week and LOVED it!)

Since last semester was my first being in school after 4 years, it took me a few weeks to learn how to manage my time again. After seeking advice from fellow classmates, I was able to adjust accordingly.  This semester, my classes seem to involve much more work so I hope to be able to manage my time with school and still be able to do the things I love.

Stay tuned for my next post about the Chicago Blackhawks and my hockey withdrawal!

Taiwan: Dissonance

I seriously can’t believe how fast the past two weeks of teaching my students English went by! I felt like I just got here but now I’m leaving them to go on the Taiwan tour with my AID group and others. I already have students finding me on Facebook (somehow) and I’m debating if I really want them to see mine LOL. Well, I guess after tomorrow I’ll add them, haha.

We went on a janky bridge and it was really fun! :D Bouncy bouncy bouncy.

We went on a janky bridge and it was really fun! :D Bouncy bouncy bouncy. Oh, I don't know if I mentioned but I probably did in the last post...I cut my hair! Well, more like my aunt made me get it cut super short. I haven't had this short of hair since I was five years old. I look so....different, haha. A lot of people have commented on it and have said they liked it but IDK I still miss my long hair!

This moment is familiar; I think I experience it every day in college. It’s the moment where you take a step back to appreciate all of the great memories you had with the people you worked with and then you take a step forward to realize they might not be there in your future. Sure, there’s Facebook, but these people are so far away. I’m the only person from Chicago whereas everyone else is from California and still in high school (except for my teaching partner who is my age and Canadian). I was on a government-funded program three years ago in Taiwan where I volunteered with the Taiwanese Red Cross with people I never met either and we all were so incredibly close. And of course I’ll hit them up if I’m in their California/New York/New Jersey area (not sure when I’ll visit Texas), but they’ve become more and more distant, even though I’m sure they’d be willing to get close again!

I'm the only person in Chicago in my group and a lot of them don't know much about I am doing my best to represent our wonderful city! :D This is a picture of me with my "hope" which I wrote in Chinese on a lantern that we put up into the was really fun! :D

I'm the only person in Chicago in my group and a lot of them don't know much about I am doing my best to represent our wonderful city! :D This is a picture of me with my "hope" which I wrote in Chinese on a lantern that we put up into the was really fun! :D

Our Lantern

Here's the lantern blown up! They burn paper at the bottom and the gas makes the lantern go up. I hope my wish comes true! (:

I was hesitant on whether or not I wanted to go with my group to the tour that follows our teaching time. We are given the option of not going, which would mean I could come home early to my aunts and cousins and grandparents and hang out with them for a week longer. I asked the girls in my group, “Would you be offended if I didn’t come on the tour?” And they all quickly replied, “YES MILIE. YOU HAVE TO COME!” Haha, I love feeling needed in a group, and especially missed. Many times they have all gone to the night markets to eat yummy Taiwanese snacks and shop at ridiculously cheap prices for things and I, instead, stayed back in the dorm and did my own thing. It’s not that I didn’t want to go, but I guess there’s no reason for me to go besides stare at the food I can’t eat and look at the things I don’t plan on buying because I didn’t bring enough money (I’m saving it for when I shop with my aunts and cousins). It’s really my eczema on my face and neck that makes me a “party pooper.”

Tomorrow, for our last day, they’re taking us to a really fancy buffet in Taipei ( and the pictures on this person’s blog make us all SOOOOO excited! I cannot wait even though I can’t eat half the things (seafood)…but screw it. I don’t care if I have to turn into a red blotchy monster the next day…I want to enjoy my time in Taiwan and eat sushi! I MISS IT SO MUCH!

This was the first day of class and I was introducing my city! Chicago FTW!

This was the first day of class and I was introducing my city! Chicago FTW! There's a lot more pictures on Facebook you can stalk...and some on Tumblr (a lot of those are pictures of my kids!).

Anyway, I probably sound kind of emo in my post but I’m actually having a wonderful time in Taiwan! I guess I am just feeling a little bit homesick since everyone kind of knows someone prior to the trip and I just kind of came to do my own thing. I haven’t contacted my parents much (although after a year I finally added my mom on Facebook so she’s been abusing the Like button like no other) but I’ve kept contact with my brother and his possible new love outlook, haha! The teaching experience I gained was really fun even though it has made me definitely not want to ever want to be a teacher! Making presentations and planning all the activities so the kids learn something and not get bored from it was exhausting. People always tell me that I’d be a great teacher when I help them out with homework, but maybe they mean I’d be a great TUTOR! I love tutoring at the Writing Center and tutoring in other subjects like math or physics etc…but when it comes to teaching a whole class I don’t think I’ve got the classroom management part handled well. I had to discipline two boys yesterday because they were throwing things at each other during nap time. Today they were good though…so that was nice! My students are between the ages of 9-12 by the way. We were required to use only English with the students the whole time and tomorrow we’re spilling the beans that we can actually speak Chinese! They’re going to flip and probably start saying silly words in Taiwanese so we can’t understand them, haha.

The students had to guess what I was drawing (I was drawing their school: Yude Elementary School).

The kids all crowded around me to see what I was drawing, and they had to guess what it was! I was drawing their school, haha. I'm grabbing my shirt to either wipe my sweat or scratch an itch LOL. My eczema always makes me look bad in all of the pictures!

As for other updates, I’ve been slowly working my way on the graphics for a book my previous nutrition professor is publishing by the end of this summer. I’m so happy he’s been so patient with my work since there are PLENTY of times where I do not have internet and can’t e-mail him when I want to…and it’s hard to find motivation to do work when the people around you only want to have fun! I definitely planned on applying to so many scholarships prior to coming to Taiwan, but I didn’t apply to a single one…someone please motivate me LOL. I got no grants this year and it’s been really bugging me about how we’re going to pay for tuition since our financial situation did not change at all from the previous years…and they were giving me $15,000 last year and the year before that! Did anyone else get jipped by financial aid? :[ I hate being a financial burden on my family and that’s why I have five jobs but they’re all part-time and wouldn’t be able to support anyone! I guess I’ll have to put up with paying off ridiculous loans later! ><

The Weather Song

For some reason the students really wanted to sing The Weather Song in addition to We Are the World for the closing performance. Just Youtube it and you'll know what it is. Anyway, there's a part that goes "in the spring there are flowers" and we were trying to make some hand motions so they're not just standing around while they're singing. This is our pose during that part in the song LOL. Don't judge.

I heard it’s burnin’ hot in Chicago! It’s always hot and humid in Taiwan, but every time I talk to someone in Chicago it sounds like they’re melting or dying in the heat wave. I hope you guys feel cooler soon. :D

July is Hot!

Hey Chicago!

Pics of the week:

7/14/12 "Cupid Has A Heart On" at Improv Olympic


7/14/12 Improv Rap Battle at Improv Olympic

7/16/12 Teaching Wood Shop & Carpentry

 ”Cupid Has A Heart On”- I saw this musical comedy at the Improv Olympic last Saturday, and it was hilarious! The spin to the show was that it was a ‘guide to relationships’ and all of the songs kept the audiences thrilled and entertained. Brian, my instructor for the improv class, performed on the piano and it was exciting seeing him perform live before the audience– seeing the master at work. After that, my classmates and I went downstairs to see the “Improv Rap Battle.” It was also outrageously hilarious as audience made suggestions to the rappers.

Teaching Wood Shop & Carpentry- My students at Kenwood High School told me that their schools don’t offer Wood Shop, so I will be preparing tools for Monday to teach them. I believe that Wood Shop is an essential skill for them, teaching them basic skills of tools. I’m excited to show them.

Top 3: Movies for 4th of July

3. Back to the Future (I know it isn’t anything relevant to July 4th)

2. Armageddon (same as above)

1. Independence Day 

That’s all I got! See you next week!

Topic Next Week: Construction

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite animated comedy?

Answer of the Week: Yes of course! I want to colonize Mars before I die

AID Summer Program & More

The past week I’ve been attending the Assisting Individuals of Disadvantages (AID) Program in Taiwan. The first week of training was pretty hectic, writing lesson plans and working journals and doing lots of workshops. The following two weeks will consist of teaching English, and the week after that will be having fun touring Taiwan! It’s been a very awesome experience so far. I’ve met a lot of new people, but mainly just hung out with those who I am working with in the school (there are 350 students out of 1200 who applied).

My eyes are kind of fried right now as I have been suffering the usual eczema “attacks.” I rub my eyes a lot because they get really itchy from being dry, and you’d think that being in Taiwan would help since it’s always hot and humid…but no, haha. The counselors REALLY wanted to take me to a doctor so we went and the doctor prescribed me steroids, but I refused to so all the doctor only have me allergy pills (anti-histamine). I am just really scared to take steroids even though I know it is VERY effective…but in the long-run I can’t depend on it! My body will shrivel away if I do…

Anyway, I will stop complaining now. I need to keep my hands occupied so I don’t scratch! The training for AID involved a lot of lectures that helped us to develop our lesson plans, rules for the classroom (management), and techniques to use so that the children remember the English words better. I thought it was very interesting that they told us to use NO Chinese in our instruction (Mandarin), but it makes sense. If they find out we do understand and know Mandarin, the students will use English less and that will defeat the purpose. To teach English means it is necessary to teach it USING English. I wonder what it would be like if all of OUR foreign languages classes were like that. I’m taking Polish in the fall and I remember seeing absolutely NO English in their textbooks. Maybe that is the way they teach too! If so, I am terribly screwed…

On a side note, my cousin recently got engaged! I’m so excited and hope I can make her wedding in the beginning of May. Although, I think UIC has its last instruction that week and finals as usual…so I am going to cross my fingers the wedding will be on the weekend or the professor doesn’t mention anything important on the day I miss! Weddings are so wonderful.

On another side note, I changed my schedule around so that I could fit a physics class. I received AP credit for physics so I didn’t need to take it, but I know the schools that I want to get into expect higher level courses to be taken in areas in which I received AP credit, so I hope this will help! I absolutely LOVED physics in high school because I had an amazing teacher! I am taking Introduction to Biophysics, so hopefully it’ll be easy in terms of remembering all of the physics that I definitely need to review…and it’ll relate to my major! :D

Happy fourth of July by the way! I missed it since I was in Taiwan…but I hope the fireworks were gorgeous! =)

Grandpa’s Kid Too!


This past week was full of exciting events. The first of them was the start of the 2012 CHANCE for CHAnge STEM Camp. I was lucky enough to be named one of the group leaders for the camp. This year we had a larger group of students than any other year. I am in charge of the older group of students in total there are about thirty-eight students and eighteen of them are in my group. I am very pleased with my group; they show a lot of interest in the STEM fields. I can’t wait for the rest of the summer.

This Sunday was my Grandpa’s (Lieutenant Colonel Matich’s) JROTC Open House. In reality, he is not blood related to me but he has had a profound impact on my whole family. LTC Matich is the now retired Commandant of the General George S. Patton Academy at Farragut Career Academy. All of my siblings (two brothers and one sister) attended this high school and we all have very fond memories of Colonel Matich and the amazing things he did for every cadet (military student) in the program.

 The recognitions started.

When I stepped into the academy I saw that the trophy cases are still accumulating prizes, the hallway continues to accumulate memorabilia and gifts from donors, and our Patton Hall (where we would practice drill and honor guard, recite poems, and sometimes just hide from grandpa) was even more stunning than I remember. Although not much had changed in Patton Hall, the murals were already there when I was but this time they came to life.

 The Hallway and one of the many trophy cases

Patton Hall Wall Mural of General Patton

Another Patton Hall Mural

Another Great Patton Hall Mural

My Favorite Mural in Patton Hall

He led the academy and the school through one of the toughest time periods, where gang violence and early pregnancy were the norm. He was able instill a sense of pride, citizenship, and leadership through his playful scolding, high standards, and care. Patton Academy has seen innumerable recognition in various competitions like the Drill Team, Color Guard, Drum and Bugle, Raider’s Challenge, and Orienteering.

He is even great at planning events for the academy to grow stronger as a family. The annual picnic with different team building activities like the egg toss, potato sack race, watermelon eating competition, and the infamous upper classmen vs. lower classmen giant ball game. We also had dances and the annual military ball (somewhat like homecoming) where all the ladies would wear nice dresses and the male cadets would wear the Dress Green Uniform with a bow tie and white shirt.

 More Trophies, this is not it, there was another case I missed.

Aside from competitions and fun he also instilled the need for service in all of us. We had periodical community clean up events, we participated in the Junior Achievement Program where we taught children about different careers, and we marched in parades throughout the city and suburbs.

When I was a senior, I was part of the Staff which means that I was one of the leaders working directly under his guidance, more specifically, the Special Projects Officer. I had different specific tasks and duties as a leader and his professional guidance helped me tremendously. His attention to detail meant that anything less than perfect was unacceptable. This perfection was passed down to all of the cadets, we would have our brass gleaming and our uniforms squared away, so much that when we had visitors they always complimented our appearance.

Colonel Matich will definitely be missed but I am sure that his successor will definitely have the right guidance to continue the legacy of excellence that my Grandpa has established. After all, his entire era seems to be meticulously synchronized and documented under his high tech cameras and camcorders. He would take a lot of pictures at every event like a proud parent.  At the open house he even had laptops with pictures from every academic year.

 Colonel getting his things ready.


I look forward to someday also making the type of difference he makes.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Here is one of the many pictures of pictures I took from his presentation.

Healthcare: TW vs US

I’ve got a week with my family in Taiwan before I go to the Aid Summer Program, which means I’ve got one week to get back into academic mode and apply for some last-minute scholarships, prepare my teaching plan, and start making some graphics with my Wacom tablet!

I just wrote a post on my Tumblr to give a half-update…but for this one I will try to make it sort of more medically/health-related.

My grandpa was going to the hospital one morning and I asked my aunt if I could come along to see what the hospitals were like in Taiwan compared to the ones around school. He was just getting a check-up so it’d be pretty quick. He’s had cancer before and gotten surgery for it each time so frequent check-ups are definitely necessary! He’s so cool.

Click here to see the photos I took!

Anyway, the people of Taiwan are all required to have health insurance (woohoo national healthcare) which makes healthcare affordable. My aunt says they get “two” health insurances…not sure what that means. My Mandarin has improved a lot but there are some things I don’t understand and always ask them to say it again but in another way (dumb it down, haha).

Overall I think there are a lot of pros to national health care since so many people have sickness…but were we all healthy we wouldn’t need doctors or nurses or pharmacists…so I guess having the choice of healthcare is good too since some people know how to take care of themselves and don’t need to waste money on medical bills when they are perfectly healthy eating good food and exercising…and sleeping well!

That’s really the equation for good health. Eat well, sleep well, and exercise! Of course, you can’t accomplish that if you don’t have good mental health…so we can add that into the equation too…haha.

My skin has been pretty terrible, and I got a haircut because my aunt told me it’d make my skin feel better if it was shorter…but I didn’t think it’d be this short! I haven’t had it this short since I was like five years old…I’m so embarrassed. She thinks it’s cute but I think it’s awful. Ahhhhh! I guess I just have to get used to it.

Hope Chicago is doing swell! The weather in Taiwan is always hot and humid, but because of the typhoon the rain has kept Taiwan cool.