Get ready for this year’s RECESS

It’s back. It has been a longstanding UIC tradition. It’s time for RECESS!

For those who are not familiar with this event, RECESS is basically a time to unwind right before finals. It’s meant for students to be entertained. This year, the Student Activities Board (SAB) and UIC Undergraduate Student Government (USG) are partnering up to bring you this great event on April 30 from 3-6 p.m.

There is a spin to this year’s RECESS, though. This year, the event will be in the style of an obstacle course race in which 20 teams will compete against each other until one team gets the gold! The teams will consist of four students and if interested, they can register here. Registration is now open and will end on Sunday, April 27th. Only the first 20 teams will be able to participate so please get your submissions in soon!

The event will kick off with a 30 minute opening ceremony full of warm-ups and fun games for all students. Then at 3:30, the event will begin and run until 5:30. At 5:30, the closing ceremony will begin with a pyrotechnic show and close with the announcement of the teams that clock-out in first, second, and third place. The winning teams will receive gold, silver, or bronze medals for their success. Other teams will receive a complimentary prize for their participation.

SAB, the USG team, and I have all been working hard on getting this event together since the beginning of the semester. Get excited for this year’s RECESS!

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