Smooth sailing

My, oh my, first week of classes has gone by fast!

I started off the week on a great note – I got a new internship! I interviewed with a public relations firm last week and I was beyond excited to find out that I received the position. I am interning at Christopher Foltz Collaborative, L3C, which is not too far from UIC. Even just after my interview, I know that I am going to really like this position. I am hoping to gain a lot from this experience and become more prepared for career work after graduation.

As far as classes go, I really can’t complain! I am only taking 12 credit hours, with three of those being internship credit. Although my classes are heavier in material, I am confident that I can do well in each of them with proper time and dedication! I am fortunate to have such a light schedule overall, since I have my internship, work, USG and the communication honor society to focus on.

One thing I may have a hard time with, though, is scheduling in free time. I did a pretty good job this week, however. I was able to grab lunch with a couple of friends throughout the week and make time to exercise. I’m hoping I can continue to make time for myself, as all work, no play = sad Mike.

Overall, I couldn’t have had asked for a better first week of classes. With more homework coming up next week, along with the addition of USG and other commitments, I am hoping I can still maintain a sense of balance and do well this semester.

Until next time…

Mike :)

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