Course evaluations

Always wondered what happens to those teacher evaluation forms you fill out at the end of each course?
Well, as an Undergraduate Student Government (USG) member, I’ve been working on getting that information displayed for all students on our website. USG funds the program that allows the colleges to get student feedback on courses and their professors. In the past year, other members of USG and I have been working with a professor to get that data from the colleges. With that information, we have had the obtainable data displayed on our website. You can view the currently available course ratings here.
This is awesome because this allows students at UIC to obtain REAL course ratings, as opposed to other websites that can often give unreliable data. So remember these evaluations when you’re making your schedules next month! Please spread the word to all of your friends!
We’re currently working on getting more recent course evaluations. In the meantime, if you think of any improvements that could make the page better, please comment and let me know!
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