…And we’re back!

After a restful summer, I am back on the blog grind for the 2013-14 school year! Its crazy to think that the first week of school is already here, and even CRAZIER that I am now entering my last year of college! But more on school later … let me fill you in about my summer.

The summer was pretty eventful for me. It all started with a move of houses with my family. We moved to a different city back in June. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong! Who knew that moving would be so difficult?! It was such a difficult process — packing boxes, lifting furniture, transporting them in trucks, and unpacking were all strenuous. For a matter of fact, I still have some boxes to go through and unpack in my house. Any free time I had at my new house was spent cleaning up or unpacking. It wasn’t all bad this summer, though.

Despite working at my local summer camp again, I also began working out. I signed up with a personal trainer and began learning rigorous workouts. For the past month and a half, I’ve spent most of my free time doing cardio or lifting weights … pushing myself to the limit at times. However, it’s been worth it so far. Working out regularly is something I’ve been wanting to do for the past seven years. After years of working out off and on, I think I’ve finally got into a good habit of exercise and strength-building. It’s something that I want to make a routine for the rest of my life.

When not unpacking, working, or working out, I managed to squeeze in some long, crazy nights with my friends. Towards the middle of the summer, I realized that this could potentially be my last summer of freedom, since I graduate in May. Although I didn’t get much rest in this summer break, I do not regret making the most out of every minute I had.

This week, I begin another busy semester. Despite only having 12 credit hours this semester, I also have my senior seminar in communication — my big senior cap for my degree! I am hoping with a light load, I am able to put all of the focus and energy I have on every single one of my classes.

In addition to classes, I also am working part time this school year and will still be involved in the Undergraduate Student Government. I also have a new title — president of the UIC Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta! As president this year, I am hoping to bring more opportunities and knowledge to the students enrolled in the communication program. I am also looking to bring on an internship this semester as well.

It’s been a busy summer and it will certainly be a busy school year. However, I am just going to put my boxing gloves on, apply my new-found strength, and knock out my last year of college HARD!

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