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Over the last couple of days I have been trying to create a list of things I need in order for me to successfully study for finals. So far I have broken them down into three categories. When studying I find it essential to have the availability of food, comfort and someone to verbally regurgitate what you learned to.

Make sure that whatever you decide to ingest will not cause you to become sluggish. Before studying it is best to not consume anything that is either filled with sugar (with the exception of coffee) or starch. Anything with high levels of carbohydrates will drastically reduce your ability to focus. Loosing focus for even a minute can cause you to look over that one important step to solving a problem.

Try to consume little to none of the following:
• Cookies
• Pasta
• Cakes
• White bread
• White rice
Developing a healthy diet will help you to study more effectively, and chances are you probably will remember more of the material you covered while reviewing.

This brings me to the next point. Make sure that wherever you choose to study is comfortable, by this I mean anywhere that makes you feel relaxed, and I mean anywhere. It is always good to try and get as relaxed as possible before and while your studying, but not to the point where you might fall asleep. If you are studying and you find that you are becoming stressed, sleepy or uncomfortable it is best to stop studying and try to relax or regain energy. If you continue studying while feeling these symptoms you will more than likely forget the material you studied during that time period. Stress and sleepiness cause our neurotransmitters to not send and receives messages properly. This factor can drastically reduce the probability of you doing well on an exam.

Lastly, you must see to it that you find someone to talk with about what you have learned. Talking with someone helps you to verbalize your thought process and see where there might be flaws in your interpretation of the course material. If it is a mathematical equation try manipulating the wording of the question and its numbers and see if the process by which you learned to solve it can be applied to the new situation. Hopefully you’ve work hard all year and as of such final examinations will not be as stressful and hard. Until next time think ethically.

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About Michael Jones, Marketing Management

I am a third year marketing and international business student with a knack for creating business plans. I dream often of ways to make the human experience far more pleasant and comfortable. The utter bliss that I have towards Marketing and International Business reassures me that this is probably the one job I can do for long hours with little to no compensation( although a little pay isn’t a bad idea). As a kid I would always develop ways to allocate the resources that were at my disposal to effectively and efficiently produce my expected results or greater. Being a marketer is generally associated with being exploiters, however, I intend to change all of that. I might not be able to change the world but I can start by changing the world of one individual for the better.

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