The Bliss of Yesteryear

Over the past 15 plus years I have watched society drastically change; yes I am aware that it has been happening for centuries. However, I choose to speak on that which I had the opportunity to observe. I remember listening to classical music with my parents while my dad held my mother passionately and danced with her until her smiles and laughter got the best of her. I recall times when a house was not a commodity that was easily taken away or traded like stock, but rather a statement of achievement and something to pass down to the grand kids. I remember Sunday dinners with the entire family at our local restaurant “the pelican”, a name iconic within itself. And just like the era of the pink pelican in America so has the evidence of social and family morals dissipated. Our social media has made destroying whatever moral standing left its main priority and so far the culprits seem to be winning.

As I got older I wondered to myself how my father and mother were able to make time for me and my siblings while still being able to work and provide for us. I was fortunate enough to have been graced by an amazing human being, my father, the one who showed me how to tie my shoe laces, the one who corrected me when I was wrong not because he was upset but because he cared . Every day I wonder what life would be like if I did not have the opportunity to share the moments we had together and learn the valuable lessons of that I needed in order to succeed.

I must admit that at times I took for granted the wonderful family I had, being extremely selfish and ignorant. I just pray that I am half as good of a father to my kids when that time comes, “by then I should have already have a college degree amongst other things”. Saturday mornings were by far the most enjoyable day of the week for me.

Keep in mind that Saturday was my play day and I did just that! LOL on an average Saturday I would require no less than two baths, an A.M bath and then a midday bath. This was primarily because I enjoyed playing outside and I’m not taking the average outside like your neighborhood park. The outside of which I speak involves 20 arches of open plush green nature as God intended. I would run through the grass and climb trees (at times I would fall from these trees) and when I got tired went inside for mom’s famous carrot juice. Despite the name its pretty good stuff. After which it was back outside for a small hike with my dad, times were simpler and life seems more forgiving. But as I digress from my reminiscing of days long ago, the point I’m trying to get at is that things have change.

I mean people seem to have lost the true meaning as to why they even exist, or the importance of family. Over time work has become the primary priority and family a high second priority. And quite frankly that’s not the way it’s supposed to be, in my eyes at least. Each morning when I wake up I remind myself of the reasons I am attending college, yes financial security is a key factor but it’s not the only.

Providing an environment where my family can feel at peace and be able to live life to the fullest by achieving self actualization is my main goal. It might sound grandiose but hey where would be all be today if a few individuals from society didn’t have a grandiose ideas. A college education is not only for you, it’s also for the person depending on you. Until next time think ethically.

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About Michael Jones, Marketing Management

I am a third year marketing and international business student with a knack for creating business plans. I dream often of ways to make the human experience far more pleasant and comfortable. The utter bliss that I have towards Marketing and International Business reassures me that this is probably the one job I can do for long hours with little to no compensation( although a little pay isn’t a bad idea). As a kid I would always develop ways to allocate the resources that were at my disposal to effectively and efficiently produce my expected results or greater. Being a marketer is generally associated with being exploiters, however, I intend to change all of that. I might not be able to change the world but I can start by changing the world of one individual for the better.

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