My Fun Lazy Spring Break

This week was by far the most difficult week of my semester, not because of hard classes but because of adjustment issues. Coming off of a week’s vacation is one of the most challenging tasks. I mean come on, you went a whole week just waking up whenever you please, (that’s if you didn’t have a job to tend to) and eating as irregularly as one possibly could. Not to mention catching up on all of your favorite TV episodes you’ve been TIVO-ing since the start of the spring semester. And if your spring break was anything like mine you probably didn’t get to your home work until the Sunday before classes started back up. Before you judge me just know I do not support procrastination.

What was weird was that I didn’t know what to do with my time once spring break had begun; I walked around in a daze for about 3 hours thinking to myself “wow I didn’t realize how much time was in a day”. To break my daze I did something productive, I went out and bought an Xbox and got the new Battlefield 3. Man! That game is amazing! I take my hat off to the creators of the game. So needless to say I played my entire day away. What topped that whole experience off was some good food; I bought some chicken wings, bread sticks, pizza and a 2 liter. This was amazing! And surprisingly I didn’t clog my artery with my entire grease intake.

After my daze wore off I realized that there wasn’t enough time in a day to play battle field! I then proceeded to enjoy my spring break by watching some Family Guy and South Park; yes I know it can be offensive at times. What can I say it amuses me! The best part of my week long vacation was that I had a chance to think and streamline the way did my school work. Over all my spring break was amazing and filled with soul searching. Until next time Think Logically (which clearly I did very little of over the break)

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I am a third year marketing and international business student with a knack for creating business plans. I dream often of ways to make the human experience far more pleasant and comfortable. The utter bliss that I have towards Marketing and International Business reassures me that this is probably the one job I can do for long hours with little to no compensation( although a little pay isn’t a bad idea). As a kid I would always develop ways to allocate the resources that were at my disposal to effectively and efficiently produce my expected results or greater. Being a marketer is generally associated with being exploiters, however, I intend to change all of that. I might not be able to change the world but I can start by changing the world of one individual for the better.

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