Ms. Lauren

My first week as a student teacher was great.  Exhausting…..but great.  Getting to know the kids was easy.  I am trying to make connections with each one of them. Each one is unique in his or her own way and I am so excited to work with them and watch them grow.

Every day, we have a morning group that consists of three boys and one girl, all age 3.  Each one of them stole my heart on the very first day.  We also have an afternoon group of 3 boys who are age 4.

One day a little boy with Down Syndrome spoke to me for the first time.  He hadn’t uttered any words yet.  The kids were having snack.  We have picture cards that we ask the kids to point to if they aren’t verbal.  I had the picture cards out for “want,” “more,” “water,” “cracker,” and “apple.” I point to the cards and say the word and ask what he wants.  He pointed to the apple card and said “App….app…papple.”  I was so elated! I mean, it was the highlight of my day.  No one had heard him say anything intelligible until this.  I am so excited to see these kids grow and improve.  I feel so lucky.

Being there a little over a week, I have been able to make some good connections and I’m hoping when I am done in 15 weeks, I’ll be hired! My seminar professor says that special education teachers are needed so much that she doesn’t doubt I will get hired immediately.  Cross your fingers and toes!

This was my first homework piece.  All of the kids did one and we put them on our bulletin board in the hallway.  It was a running joke with all of the teachers that no one would put their exact age and I was A-OK with that!!

This is our classroom.  After a couple days of moving and unpacking box after box, AND doing it in a room that was not yet finished with construction, we FINALLY came to a point where it looked presentable and ready for the kids.

On Wednesday, many of the teachers did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I didn’t participate because I already did my challenge, but I was there to support them and take pictures.  They are such a great group of people.  I feel very lucky to be one of them temporarily.

Go Whittier Wildcats!! Thank you for all of your support!!

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