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This past weekend was very eventful. Last Friday, MERRP (Minority Engineering Recruitment and Retention Program) held its 26th Annual Scholarship Awards Banquet. The night started with a quick trip to Juarez High School to pick up our SHPE Jr. Students. Once we arrived, we were greeted with light appetizers and a lot of networking opportunities. We had the opportunity to talk to a lot of company representatives and alumni. After the reception, we had dinner and a brief speech from one of our alumni, Jaime Frausto. It was a very good evening after the event we took a lot of group pictures.

 Photo Courtesy of Ms. Barajas

This week two of my friends celebrated their birthday. Victor’s birthday celebration was on Tuesday, we went to a local place to celebrate his day at midnight. It’s not easy to turn a year older but there are certain perks that come with age. On Thursday it was my friend Natalie’s Birthday. A lot of my high school friends went it was at a local Chilli’s. I really enjoy spending time with them our meetings are usually filled with laughs and memories.

This Friday was the first SHPE-UIC Endowment Fundraiser. SHPE-UIC is very lucky to have such dedicated members and alumni. One of the founders of our chapter started the idea of the Endowment and we have started to build some momentum towards it. This is only the first of many future events dedicated to the Endowment. Initiatives like the SHPE-UIC endowment would help many students in their pursuit of higher education while also allowing them to develop their leadership and professional network. If you would like to make a donation to the endowment you can go to:



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About Leticia Diaz, Chemistry

Hello UIC-Familia! I am a 5th Year Senior Majoring in Chemistry. I am graduating in May 2012, and plan to come back to UIC to receive a Master’s Degree in Energy Engineering. I grew up in “La Villita” in South Lawndale. I have two AMAZING parents, three exemplary siblings, and three precious nephews. I am a CHANCE Ambassador; I mentor and assist students that are in majors similar to mine and ultimately help them go through some of the same struggles that I have gone through. I am a proud board member of SHPE-UIC, a national organization that promotes the advancement of Latinos through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Awareness. Our UIC chapter is recognized as being the Most Valuable Large Chapter in the Nation.

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