Fanesca Time!

Hello UIC!

I hope your semester has been going AWESOME! This week has been full of great events and school work. It’s hard to believe but we are down to the last month of the semester.   Along with a week full of studying I had the opportunity to spend time doing extracurricular activities.

Monday, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Nassif she is the Special Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Post-secondary Education. Myself along with about twenty other students had the opportunity to talk to her about our experience, our passion and some obstacles that could hinder our learning experience. We also had the opportunity to hear from her about some of the initiatives at the Federal Government. Along with hearing about them we also had the opportunity to voice our opinion about them.  She was very attentive and had a genuine concern for our needs. It was an overall inspiring experience and I am very thankful for the opportunity.

After my classes and my studying were done for the day, I attended SHPE’s intramural soccer game. We have two official teams and one team with our younger members. On Monday two of the three teams played. Both games were very intense. I felt like if I was watching my national team play in the world cup and the best part was that both teams won their respective games.

The Games were very intense.

Tuesday, was my mega fan’s (Erika Ayala’s) birthday. There isn’t a better way to celebrate a fellow girl’s birthday than to take a trip down to the mall. We went to the Water Tower Place, on our way there we stopped by the water tower. I had never been to either the mall or the tower. The tower is smaller than expected; there were historical facts and pictures on the wall. After we were done with our history lesson for the day, we spent some time in the shops at the water tower. I can tell the birthday girl fully enjoyed her birthday.

Inside the Water Tower

Inside the Water Tower Place

On Friday, my friend (Carlos from Panama) and I went to visit my other friend (Mauricio). We went to visit him because he invited us over for Good Friday Dinner. His family cooked Fanesca, a traditional dish made on Fridays during Lenten.  Fanesca is a soup made with 12 types of grains some include: lentils, corn, garbanzos, and beans. After the Fanesca we had Molo, a dish somewhat like mashed potato but with a lot of favor. For dessert we had peaches and ice cream. After the dinner we stuck around to catch up with him. His mom even made more empanadas. It was an enjoyable dinner and evening, can’t wait for next year.



More empanadas!

Thanks for reading this week!


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About Leticia Diaz, Chemistry

Hello UIC-Familia! I am a 5th Year Senior Majoring in Chemistry. I am graduating in May 2012, and plan to come back to UIC to receive a Master’s Degree in Energy Engineering. I grew up in “La Villita” in South Lawndale. I have two AMAZING parents, three exemplary siblings, and three precious nephews. I am a CHANCE Ambassador; I mentor and assist students that are in majors similar to mine and ultimately help them go through some of the same struggles that I have gone through. I am a proud board member of SHPE-UIC, a national organization that promotes the advancement of Latinos through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Awareness. Our UIC chapter is recognized as being the Most Valuable Large Chapter in the Nation.

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2 Responses to Fanesca Time!

  1. Erika Ayala says:

    I loved this Blog! Lety is wonderful at inspiring so many students!… last year I also tried the Fanesca, and believe me, Its delicious!… also She is awesome at showing all the resources you can get at UIC and the experiences that make college enjoyable! :) …
    Atte. Your N. 1 Fan! :)