Hello UIC!

I hope your week is going smoothly. It’s the 4th week of the semester! It is going by really quickly. This week consisted of classes, work commitments, time with friends, meetings, and a lot of anticipation.

My classes are going pretty smoothly, my first exam is schedule for Monday, February 13, 2012. I am excited yet nervous. I am also really glad that some of my teachers are giving us take home midterms which I have never had, it seems like a good change. My Physics 116 Professor, Dr. Hoffman let us borrow a “Kill A Watt”. It’s a really interesting apparatus that allows the user to calculate the efficiency of an appliance. I can’t wait to unplug and plug all of my appliances to the Kill A Watt.

I have the opportunity to work with other students and administrative staff in the planning of a new event geared toward the UIC community and their family. It would be a new event to help out students in that awkward transition phase. I can remember when I came to UIC; it was hard to explain to my parents that school is my main focus and that I have to stay on campus almost all day because of the workload and the amount of studying that needs to be done. The event is still in the planning stage but I can guarantee that it will be worthwhile.

With such full weeks, it’s hard to make time with my high school friends, especially since they are always working or out of town.  This time I had the opportunity to go get some wings with my high school friend. We had the opportunity to catch up and exchange Christmas and Birthday gifts (I still have her gifts hostage though). Life has given us ups and downs but I am very lucky to have such great relationships with family and friends.

I also had the opportunity to spend some time with my UIC friends. We went to the local Brazilian restaurant, Sabor Express, as you can see from the picture it was delicious. Aside from delicious food they also have great customer service; the manager brought our table a complimentary appetizer.  It was very surprising to realize that we hadn’t spent time together since last semester. Occasions like these definitely have to occur more often.

SHPE-UIC held its Second Meeting of the Spring Semester. We had the pleasure to have one of our own Alumni, Jaime Frausto, come to talk to our members about the company he works for and give us insight on the corporate world. The members really enjoyed the meeting and a lot of positive feedback was given.

Thank You Maribel Arellano for the picture.

This weekend will be full of excitement. On Friday, the ILS-AMP Conference starts; it is a conference like no other. Students and professionals have the chance to present their research to the participants of the conference and it really gives attendants the motivation to do research and even pursue a post baccalaureate degree. It’s filled with motivational speakers and inspirational individuals.

On Saturday, the Middle School Regional Science Bowl will take place. It’s a fast paced Jeopardy style competition. Students from around the city get the chance to participate for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Washington DC and compete in the National Science Bowl Competition. This is my first time volunteering in the competition room. I will be serving as a scorekeeper; I could just imagine how exciting the competition room will be. It will give me the chance to perfect my scorekeeping skills for the High School Regional Science Bowl on February 24th.

Next week I will definitely update you on the events and let you know how my birthday goes.

Thanks for reading this week!

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About Leticia Diaz, Chemistry

Hello UIC-Familia! I am a 5th Year Senior Majoring in Chemistry. I am graduating in May 2012, and plan to come back to UIC to receive a Master’s Degree in Energy Engineering. I grew up in “La Villita” in South Lawndale. I have two AMAZING parents, three exemplary siblings, and three precious nephews. I am a CHANCE Ambassador; I mentor and assist students that are in majors similar to mine and ultimately help them go through some of the same struggles that I have gone through. I am a proud board member of SHPE-UIC, a national organization that promotes the advancement of Latinos through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Awareness. Our UIC chapter is recognized as being the Most Valuable Large Chapter in the Nation.

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