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It’s officially summer!  All the papers are in!  The nerve-wrecking presentation went better than expected, and you fell a rush of relief after you finished that last exam.  For many UIC students, this is just another summer.  Most will be working in the city or suburbs to make some extra cash or working at a cool internship to gain experience in the field.  

For others, this is a very exciting time.  They recently found out that they have been accepted into UIC as well as other schools.  As these students make a big decision about where to spend the next four years of their life, I present to them the Top 10 best things about UIC.

10. Tropical Smoothie.  Have you tried the Kiwi Quencher?  If not, it will change your life.

9.   Au Bon Pain.  Need I say more?

8. The football team.  We’re undefeated!  I think that’s saying something ;-)

7. It’s famous!  Did you know “Stranger Than Fiction” and “Candyman” were filmed at UIC?

6. Campus Housing.  Campus Housing was great to me for four years.  There are many different styles of living and types of communities.  Whatever your needs are, UIC Campus Housing probably has the style of living you need.

5. It’s always evolving. UIC is never stagnant and constantly keeps up with the times in order to serve the next generation of the UIC community.  Last week I talked a lot about how UIC has changed since I was a freshman back in 2007.  Although UIC is not the same place it was in 2007, all of the changes I can think of have done nothing but enhance UIC.

4. The resources.  Because UIC is such a diverse campus, there are many resources that can help all students, as well as teach the rest of the UIC community about culture.

3. The opportunities.  I have been employed all over campus.  Campus Housing, Building Management and Campus Recreation have been great employment opportunities for me.  I have learned valuable skills that I can take to the workplace. I’ve been a part of organizations that have been accommodating and sympathetic that I was a student.

2. The city.  Being in the city was an important part of my decision to come to UIC.  I love that I can take what I have learned in the classroom out into the city and vice versa. I am constantly learning and engaging in discourse.

1.  The community.  I spent four years of my UIC career living on campus.  I met people from all walks of life who were nothing but kind and engaging.  When I moved off campus two years ago, I was nervous about how much I would be able to engage with the UIC community.  I found the change different, but I still found it easy to engage with people.  The people in my cohort became very close.  I enjoyed movie nights and crazy conversations during the bus ride home.  Because I do not have any family in the Chicago area, my cohort became my pseudo-family.

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