Nothing could top last week

Back in October, when I first introduce myself to you, I had a blog entitled “Nothing could top last weekend”  I was happy to do cool things like meet celebrities, receive some recognition at work, and of course….to begin blogging.  I am happy to say that my final blog is ending with some pretty amazing news as well.

After two years of a lot of hard work, I finished my master’s program.  When I looked at my grades I was surprised to see STRAIGHT As!  I haven’t had straight As since 2009-2010, when I was a sophomore in my undergrad years.  I worked hard, but I thought for sure I had a B in there.  It was a great way to finish off the program.

Last Monday, I received a call from a job I interviewed for, and I am happy to say I GOT THE JOB! Because of that, I will be leaving Chicago and moving out to Aurora in the fall.

After finals, I went straight to D.C. to see my mother!  She came back temporarily from Afghanistan.  It was great to see her because the last time I saw her was in July.

Once the group fitness summer program at UIC is over in August, I will be leaving this place for good. I am so grateful for everything I learned and gained at UIC. Six years is a long time to stay in one place, at least for a military brat it is.  I am happy to be leaving on a very positive note.

Thank you, UIC.

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