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Very short blog this week. But I promise you I have some great information.

Since I left Facebook, I have been more productive. However, there are times I am looking for an Internet distraction. Usually, I do this by checking out the latest articles from Cracked and Buzzfeed. However, recently I came across a blog that I have found entertaining, helpful and I just can’t get enough of it.

The blog is called Ask A Manager. The blogger, Alison, is a hiring manager that answers any and all questions related to the workforce.  Her topics range from job-seeking components — such as cover letters, résumés, and interviews — to advice for people who are already employed, such as dealing with co-workers, performance evaluations and managing others. I have found her advice to be so enlightening.   Once I looked at her tips for cover letters and résumés, I realized there was a lot I needed to change to get noticed. Once I did so, I snagged an interview for the next job I applied for. 

Looking for a job is tough and confusing. Looking at her blog has really helped me to put a lot of things in perspective and organize the many components of job hunting.  Check it out, and if you are so inclined, try asking her a question. I have asked her a couple of things and she has responded very quickly.

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