I will always be UIC

I cannot believe I reached the end.  Today is the last time I will be in a UIC classroom.  I received an e-mail yesterday from the Gender and Women’s studies department that I can pick up my concentration certificate.  Eventually, I will receive that large envelope in the mail that will contain my diploma.

When I finished my undergraduate program, I was not exactly ready to venture out into the real world.  However, my graduate program experience has been very different.  As I did some light reading in the quad, it was very obvious to me that I am the old timer.  There is an entirely new generation of the UIC community on campus.  They were not here when Lincoln and Douglas halls were older looking buildings.  They were not here pre-Dunkin’ Donuts and Tropical Smoothie.  They were not here when UIC closed its doors due to the snowapocalypse of 2011.  I was here for all of that.

My generation of UIC has since moved on to various graduate schools across the country and new places of employment.  I am ready to join the ranks of my generation and leave UIC.  UIC will always have a special place in my heart, but now it is time to take everything I have learned at UIC in and out of the classroom and apply it to the world.

The truth is I have been in Chicago for six years, the longest I have spent in any one location. There were times when I was frustrated and felt as if I would not make it. I was ready to move back to D.C., Georgia, or Hawaii.  But I am glad I stayed determined and kept going.  Now I excited to enter the next phase in my life.  I not sure what it will be yet, but I do know a marathon is in my future.  ;-)

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