Top Secret Discounts for UIC Student


Weather has been amazing– no snow in Chicago. Which makes me wonder if karma is going to hit soon. But anyways, while walking to class I think how we can apply our rainfall simulator lab to actual conditions right now, ironically. This past lab, we’ve been monitoring the ground water flow and discharge rate with respect to the amount of time and volume of rainfall. The results were also affected by the slope of the gradient.

CME 311: Water Resources (Rainfall Simulator)

 Top 5: Secret Discounts for UIC Students

1.) AMC Movie Theater Ticket Discounts
Compared to the usual price of $10. Student Centers sells silver tickets for $6.75 and gold tickets for $7.75. Throughout watching movies in my college years, these dollars add up.

2.) U-Pass/CTA Bus Pass
Especially saves a ton load of money for commuter students, the U-Pass is offered to all full time students and at a slight extra cost for part-time. If you’re looking for a CTA Bus Pass, those are offered at discount for any type.

3.) Restaurant Discounts near Campus
A lot of restaurants around UIC offer Student Discounts, but double check if you have to “eat-in” or “carryout” for it to be applicable. (i.e. Lucky’s, Ichiban, Joy Yee’s, Sarpino).

4.) Free Things (not really a discount)
So if students show their UIC Student ID, they can also get free things around campus. For example they can get a free can of pop with every order at Jim’s, or show up at a UIC Flames Game and get free items (i.e. scarf, snuggie)

5.) Programming Discounts
For residents in Campus Housing, programming can get discounts to ticketed events, such as Second City, Comedy Sportz. Also anything that would involve food can be brought by programming to residents, and it would essentially be “free food.”

Post whatever discounts you know of too!


TOPIC FOR NEXT WEEK: “Top 5: UIC Pickup Lines I’ve Heard on Campus”

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What’s the cheesiest pickup line you’ve heard?

ANSWER FOR LAST WEEK: My favorite restaurant, right now, would be Lucky’s =)


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