Top 5: UIC Pickup Lines of Love~

Hey UIC– are you ready for love??

The week after Valentine’s Day invites to the campus the most creative pick-up lines I’ve heard. But before we get started I have a few updates; first I’m going to release a small video that I think you guys will like. It’ll be released in a few weeks since it will be recorded next week during JST Open Mic Night. Second, supervising my housing staff has been awesome. RA/PM Selection Letters will be sent out soon. And lastly, I’ll give you guys a sneak peak on next week’s article:


Yes! Next week’s article will be my Freshman Flashback. Nothing but pictures and my freshman 15. So anyways, here’s the long awaited article…

**Top 5: College Pickup Lines- UIC Edition**

1.) “I heard the new section of the library was called the IDEAL Commons” (–No it isn’t, its the IDEA Commons!!) “Well, it becomes IDEAL when I’m with you.”

2.) “Let me take you to the quad– and teach about your four corners”

3.) “Girl, let’s head to BSB and stay lost in this moment”

4.) “Is anyone special sitting here?” (Gestures her to sit– “Not just anyone”…)

5.) Ready for the most romantic date ever?
– First, we’re gonna start out with a little bowling
– Then a five star dinner at Inner. Appetizers by Subway, burger and fries by Wendy’s, then ice cream at Baskin’ Robbins.
– A casual walk after as we shop under the sunlight of the bookstore.
–”Maybe” if we feel lucky, head to the Halsted Street Station for the home run, if you know what I mean.

^All of that is located in one building, Student Center East.

Stay tuned in for next week!

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: The Freshman Flashback (Pictures Everywhere! Yes I’ll even show a couple of the embarrassing ones)

ANSWER FOR LAST WEEK: ”I’d like to get my basilisk into your chamber of secrets.”

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is your most embarrassing moment as a freshman?

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