Top 3: “Pickup Lines on How to Talk to Anyone” -Confessions of an RA

Hello Chicago!– (4/14/12)

**Random Picture of the Week** 

Drawn from one of JST's Residents and placed in a study lounge =)

The 40th Annual CSSLA Ceremony. Me and my friend Winston at the reception area.

This was my second award win for CSSLA (Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards). The first one was for my work with Campus Housing and Undergraduate Student Government. This second one was for creating a new service project to address Chicago’s youth (with the help of the US Army and ROTC) and expand their health and fitness as well as leadership skills with high-risk teens.

So, THE 10 DAY COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!! 10 School days left before finals week. Can you believe that??

Top 3: ” Pickup Lines on How to Talk to Anyone (Literally)” -Confessions of an RA

3.) “I absolutely love your [insert piece of clothing]!! Where did you get it from??
This breaks the ice, especially if you have never met them before. Compliments always open a window of opportunity. From there, you can pickup from their response and carry it on from there.

2.) Starter Subjects: Highs and Lows of their day, Weather, Classes, Pop Culture, etc.
…then ask keeping sincere questions and show genuine interest. This opens up a lot of opportunities and you can follow up next time you talk.

1.) Remember the acronym “S.H.E.”
-Smile like they just changed your world for the better
-Handshake with truth, confidence, and that they are important
-Eyes that will make them feel like a million bucks every time you see them

So next week, talk about upcoming fashion and trends around UIC for summer!!

Stay tuned,

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Fashion Trends on Campus

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Ever had something lucky? (lucky boxers, socks??)

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