Top 3: Dating Places for UIC Students

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Molly's Cupcakes, Lincoln Park

Famous "Kimchi Fries" at Del Seoul

 Top 3: Dating Places for UIC Students

3. Comedy Sportz 
Nothing like competitive improv between two teams! I would say it’s definitely a cross between TV shows Who’s Line is it Anyway? and Wild N’ Out. A great place for a first date.

2. Grant & Millennium Park
Events all around the year! Range from Zumba dance lessons to music concerts. A great idea to ice skate around winter as well. Restaurants and museums surround the nearby area.

1. Your own living room
Assuming your roommate is out for the weekend– surprise him/her with an indoor picnic at your place, or a pizza and video game night. It’s here where you can work your magic ;)


**UPDATES: My birthday week is coming up!!! I’m so excited. I actually have no idea where to go and I was hoping you guys can help me. There are a few rules: 1.) Has to be of any age [it would suck if anyone is under 21] 2.) Has to be preferably under $20. And that will be the question of the week =)**


Stay awesome Chicago

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: “How to Talk to Anyone”

SONG OF THE WEEK:  So lately I’ve been in love with this song I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing covered by Allison Iraheta

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