Summer Classes

U-I-C  U-I-C  U-I-C!!

Pics of the week:

Instructing at Kenwood High School: Bridge Design (6/26/12)


My improv coach-- at Chicago's The Second City Training Center


Teaching at Kenwood High School– We just started our first week of our high school program for summer. As the students are learning Bridge Analysis and Design, they also get firsthand experience applying their knowledge to Balsa Wood. They will be constructing bridges using Balsa Wood. Next week, we’ll be starting Miniature Golf Course Design and Construction:

Improv Class A at The Second City– For the summer, I decided to take improv classes at the infamous Second City in Old Town. There I met my colorful personality instructor and he had us work through some ice-breakers, team builders, and a crash course above improv. One time during the session, he had us do the “Space Walk” in which we randomly walked around the room for 5 minutes. Our first homework assignment included object improv, which we have to mimic holding objects throughout our day.


Top 3: Tips for Teaching/Working with Youth (Simple and self explanatory!)

3. Challenge and Support  

2. Acceptance and Belonging 

1. Don’t hear them, rather listen to them

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Independence Day, best movies for 4th of July

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you believe that we should increase funding towards space exploration??

ANSWER FROM LAST WEEK: My plans for 4th of July include eating everything possible made from a grill

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