Nice weather we’ve been having. I don’t have much updates this week, other than our SPRING BREAK starts next week!!

So the following pictures are from my Senior Year– The year where I became a full fledged cadet. I’ve been taking summer programs in ROTC since 2008 for my Military Science Level 1 (MS-I), but my senior year, I did ROTC during the school year and had a great experience!

UIC is home to the Army ROTC for all of Chicago-land. The armed forces and veterans of Chicago thank UIC for supporting the program and providing opportunities to students to gain great hands on leadership.

3rd Brigade- Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon (10/24/10)

Marseilles Training Area. Delivering AAR (After Action Review) after an assault on an enemy campsite.

Atterbury Training Area: 4th Squad defending AA (Assembly Area)

ROTC Awards Banquet at the UIC PEB

Zeroing Range. MS-III Cadets must qualify here for Basic Rifle Marksmanship before shipping off to LDAC.

Military Ball at the Holiday Inn at Mart Plaza


That’s all for now. Happy Spring Break to all of UIC!!! Once we get back, it’s a blitz to finals week =)


TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Super Senior Year- The year I became a Senior Staff Member for Campus Housing

ANSWER FOR LAST WEEK: My plans for spring break may include traveling to Wisconsin for one night with my friends, then a Bulls Game.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Favorite 90′s song when you were a kid??

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