Preparing for the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering)

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Pics of the week:

My aunt's wedding in Dixon, Illinois! CongratulationsSigned up for some Culinary Classes! Demo on the first day.


Did a lot this past week! Drove out to Dixon, Illinois where my aunt got married to the man of her dreams. That same day, I also had to drive out to my cousin’s birthday and graduation partyCongratulations to her earning her psychology degree! That whole day, we drove for a total of 5 hours; that’s a lot for me. The longest I drove in my life was to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis for a conference, which was a total of 14 hours there and back.

I also started culinary classes at Kendall College, as a part of their program Spice Up Your Life Program. It’s pretty exciting. I haven’t started the hand-on part yet, but I attended their demo class called “Summer and Sangria” in which they taught us to make some simple dishes: Flank Steak with Salad, Tangerine Grilled Shrimp, and Lobster Chowder. I’ll post more pics as I take the hands-on classes.


Studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam!!

So for engineers, there is the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE). In order to receive a professional engineering license, engineers need to take two exams, one of them is the FE. They are offered in a few different locations in Illinois. To figure out when and where they are offered, checkout the website .

The exam is different into two different sections, the morning and afternoon. The morning section will cover 12 topics with 120 questions all together. Subjects in the morning are Mathematics, Engineering Probability and Statistics, Chemistry, Computers, Ethics and Business, Engineering Economics, Strength of Materials, Material Properties, Fluid Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Thermodynamics. The afternoon session exam material will cover the specific field you are entering, such as:  Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, and more. 

*** Top 3: Tips to Study for the FE***

3. Study and review the FE Formula Handbook before hand!
This helps so much, The FE Formula handbook is filled with more than thousands of equations. Reviewing it before hand will make you find formulas much faster, and as you know, answering questions is a race against time.

2. Study in a group
Everything is better with a partner(s)! You can bounce ideas off of each other and quiz each other to solve problems. Studying with fellow friends motivates you as well to do better

1.) Problems, Problems, and more Problems!
Keep doing problems! What other way is the best way to review than getting hands-on with the material thats going to be on the exam

~~SIDE TIP: Create a study schedule! Starting with the 70 day count down schedule to the exam. Plan it from there!

That’s what I got this week! Stay classy Chicago,

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Teaching Chicago’s Youth!

ANSWER FOR LAST WEEK: I am RIGHT NOW on the patio of my friend’s condo grilling flank steak, smells sooo delicious

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Plans for 4th of July????

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  1. Steroids says:

    I found the FE pretty tough but it's one of those things you literally can't work without.