November! Class registrations around the corner

Time to pull out your jackets!

When I began to write this post, the weather is 32 degrees. FREEZING TEMPERATURE! As the cold weather begins to set in, everyone around campus is starting to pull out their winter wear. I started wearing my thermals and now I just have to find my “texting gloves” so I can text without my fingers falling off from the cold.

Texting Gloves! Source:

So what did I do for Halloween?? Well, I attended the Haunted House event at the UIC Forum. Essentially, they converted the entire banquet hall into a spooktacular haunted house. My RA staff saw all the costumes as well as fellow UIC students. There was one in particular I wanted to get a picture with =)

My personal favorite costume of the evening and new best friend.

I’d say the scariest part of the haunted forum would be at the beginning. We would hear them yell horrifying quotes to build up a fearful atmosphere. After going through it, we attended our FIR (Faculty in Residence) Rob Kemp’s program at TBH titled “Cats, Chats, and Chews.” Which reminds me, at MRH (Marie Robinson Hall) this Saturday beginning at noon our FIR Bill Kohler is hosting “Headlines & Hashbrowns.” H&H as well call it is a program where residents can get breakfast burritos, complete a fun news article crossword puzzle, and network with fellow residents.

So, as registration is around the corner I decided to offer quick tips about “how to go about it.”


Top 3 Tips for Registering: 

3. Flow Charts- This is especially helpful for transfer students. Create a visual flow chart of classes that you need to take for your major. Example:

2. Register for classes that book fast- If you know that the class is only offered in the spring, register for that first as it may fill up. Once it’s filled, registration closes for that class and that would suck if you have to delay your graduation another year.

1. Registration eligibility- Make sure you are in the “GREEN” for registration. I can’t stress to you how important this is. I’ve had friends and residents schedules mess up because they forget to check their eligibility for registration. No eligibility met means no registration.

Well that’s all I got for you this week! See you next week


TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Can’t think of one right now, I’ll suprise you next week.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you think the Chicago Bulls are going to make it to the Finals this year?!





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