NACURH 2012!!!


NACURH (National Association for College and University Residence Halls) was just this past weekend at the University of Colorado, Boulder. We brought a team of 12 consisting of Hall Council Members, RHA E-Board members, and Advisers to the conference. NACURH is an international organization in which on campus residents are brought to share ideas and knowledge in order to expand their thriving communities. It is the largest student organization in the world. For more info:

Pics from NACURH:

One of the Sessions for Advisors: Student Development Theory

Meeting students from around the world.

Supporting fellow communities from around the world at the "Pass the Torch" opening ceremonies.

It was an absolutely amazing weekend. I learned so many things about how to advise an organization to programming. Creative programs include “15 minutes to Save the World” and “Diversity [advocating on campus].” Their cafeteria was amazing as well, have a variety of sections: pasta, pizza, salad, grill, international, asian, and more!

They just announced that the following NACURH Conference will be held at the University of Pittsburgh. Can’t wait!

So just last weekend, I had an awesome time eating sushi in Chicago. Which I just realized, unlimited sushi isn’t as popular in the suburbs as it is in the city.

So here are my:
“Top 3: Places for Unlimited Sushi [that I've tried]“ 

3.) Ichiban Sushi Cafe
1422 W. Taylor St.
Chicago, IL. 60607

2.) House of Sushi and Noodles 
1610 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60657
[Can't find website]

1.) Sushi Para II 
2256 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL. 60614

So I have a wedding to attend for the weekend, I’ll be sure to send pics!

Stay Classy Chicago!
TOPIC FOR NEXT WEEK: Preparing for the FE [Fundamental Engineering Exam]

ANSWER FOR LAST WEEK: My favorite summertime snack would be WATERMELON 

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Where are you right now?????????????

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  1. Anne Harper says:

    bet there were some good parties afterwards.