July is Hot!

Hey Chicago!

Pics of the week:

7/14/12 "Cupid Has A Heart On" at Improv Olympic


7/14/12 Improv Rap Battle at Improv Olympic

7/16/12 Teaching Wood Shop & Carpentry

 ”Cupid Has A Heart On”- I saw this musical comedy at the Improv Olympic last Saturday, and it was hilarious! The spin to the show was that it was a ‘guide to relationships’ and all of the songs kept the audiences thrilled and entertained. Brian, my instructor for the improv class, performed on the piano and it was exciting seeing him perform live before the audience– seeing the master at work. After that, my classmates and I went downstairs to see the “Improv Rap Battle.” It was also outrageously hilarious as audience made suggestions to the rappers.

Teaching Wood Shop & Carpentry- My students at Kenwood High School told me that their schools don’t offer Wood Shop, so I will be preparing tools for Monday to teach them. I believe that Wood Shop is an essential skill for them, teaching them basic skills of tools. I’m excited to show them.

Top 3: Movies for 4th of July

3. Back to the Future (I know it isn’t anything relevant to July 4th)

2. Armageddon (same as above)

1. Independence Day 

That’s all I got! See you next week!

Topic Next Week: Construction

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite animated comedy?

Answer of the Week: Yes of course! I want to colonize Mars before I die

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