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“It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan!” The plan for this past week was spent working on curriculum plans for Project SYNCERE. The two projects I’ve been working on for students are Bioremediation and Communication.

Curriculum Development Plan: Communication

Curriculum Development Plan: Bioremediation

These curriculum development plans will be a part of classroom lesson plans to further the students in their personal and academic ambitions in science and mathematics. The “Communication” project will teach students about essential tips in holding a meaningful conversation and how to conquer public speaking. The final project for those students will be a debate over a subject chosen by the instructor.

“Bioremediation” project will introduce students to methods in improving environmental standards or conditions. This final project will involve “how to create compost,” fertilizer, and growing plants. This has been an exciting moment for me in that it will be included in a couple weeks at schools throughout Chicago.

Pics of the week: 

TBH Program: Northern Lights Cafe

Source: http://onlivefans.com/news/2011/09/07/dead-island-for-onlive-is-delayed-until-at-least-october/

On Tuesday, UIC’s Thomas Beckham Hall had its “Northern Lights Cafe” program, which essentially was an Open Mic Night. In the picture above, the woman was playing a saw with her guitarist friend. Together, they played amazing ambient songs.

The second picture is of the game I’m currently playing titled “Dead Island.” It’s a zombie apocalypse environment in which you have to find a way off of the island through completing quest. I LOVE playing cooperatively as it feels like the AMC’s TV show, Walking Dead. As of right now, I’m still in the beginning parts of the game and will get back to it once I complete all of my work =)

Personal Choice:

AMAZING architecture!! (Source: Latest Engineering Technology)

I want to live in a house like this! I found this picture while browsing through “Latest Engineering Technology.” I have a knack for houses and architecture.

I was Professor Oak for Halloween. My friends and I were a Pokémon-themed crew. We had Ash and Pikachu as well. I’ll be posting pics of those next week. See you then!


TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Engineering Tips and Survival Guide

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Who’s your biggest childhood crush?? (Mine was Ellen Page haha)

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Civil Engineering and I am employed by UIC Campus Housing as well as Project SYNCERE. Fun fact: I love eating Oreos

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