Finals Week!

Hey UIC!

Sorry for not having pictures for this week =(, I have 5 finals in two days, Monday and Tuesday. I’m cramming as much as I can right now. But I came up with a short list on how to survive this week:

Top 3 Tips: How to Survive Finals Week!

3. Max your study time. 
Study alone first, so you can come up with questions to ask. Then study in a group to ask those questions. You’ll get the most productivity with your time and feel more prepared for the exam.

2. Tackle the easy things first, then spend the rest of your time on the hard.
It’s true, once you get the easy things out the way you can spend the remaining time on the difficult things.

1. It’s all about sleep!
If you are to sleepy during an exam, you’re brain is only operating at half it’s potential thinking power. So get some rest

That’s it right now! Good luck on Finals,

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