Finals are here!!

Hello fellow students!!

All term projects are done and one final down — and now the rigorous task begins on preparing for finals week. The culmination of all our semester’s work comes down to this. Here in Marie Robinson Hall, I can see students studying frantically in the lounges, pulling all-nighters in the computer lab and making quick trips to 7-11 to get energy drinks/coffee.

From all that, I decided to make a quick guide on:

Survivor’s Essential Tool Pack to Studying for Finals Week:

1.) Caffeine- Whether it’s coffee, energy drinks, apples or more. You’ll need it to keep the energy flowing.

2.) Entertainment Break- iPod, tablet, laptop, anything that gives you an outlet for those times when you get overwhelmed cramming a subject.

3.) All Notes/Slides Printer- Print out all of your necessary study materials. If you’re a resident of Campus Housing, you have FREE printing (up to 750 pages).

4.) Cell phone (optional)- This is if you want to place an order for food or to call your study buddy to meet up.

So this past week, it’s been crazy time management. Bouncing between floor meetings, RA programs, term projects and studying for finals. Although I did manage to get a picture for a program we conducted at MRH, “Gingerbread Houses.”

MRH Residents building gingerbread houses using graham crackers.

The assembly line!! So many ingredients.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work for everyone. “My [gingerbread] house just collapsed!” said MRH resident and Apartment Council member Anna as she picked up the remains of her house. “I think I’ll make a gingerbread sandwich instead.” The MRH Gingerbread House Making Program was a huge success, thanks to our resident Jenny Sampras.

At the MRH television room, we also had the MRH/TBH International Film Festival. This month we feature Miyazaki Films, such as “Spirited Away” and ”My Neighbor Totoro.” We also served Filipino dishes for those who stayed with us.

Our staff, residents and friends attended the program. =)

Well, that’s what’s up these past two weeks. I wish you all the best during Finals Week.

Good Luck!!
TOPIC NEXT WEEK: I can’t of anything right now, so it will be spontaneous. =)

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What was your favorite class this semester? (For me, it would be between Senior Design or Finite Elements.)

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