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Hey UIC!

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“Closing Time” by Semisonic

Rapping up the year at UIC, all the memories:

JST Staff 2011-2012

Concrete Testing Lab. My Lab Group =)

My first time kayaking with MRH/TBH Residence Hall


UIC Radio

Food adventures around Chicago!!

These are the only a handful of the many memories I had this year at UIC. I’m so glad I met many new people and am truly grateful for all the friends I’ve made.

I’m bad at saying goodbye, but I’ve had an outstanding time writing for UIC Student Blogs and hope to return next year. I’ll definitely miss all the Top 3 articles and I surely have more to offer you guys.

For the summer, I’ll be working for Project SYNCERE as an Engineering Instructor. I’m very excited to teach students about science, math, and engineering and all the cool projects and skills I can offer. Anyway, here’s my last Top 3 article:

Top 3: Reason’s to Pick UIC

3. A City University 
Welcome to the bustling City of Chicago– You’ll be surrounded by many fun characters of Chicago, ranging for the busy-bees to the adventurous artist of Chicago. While the city also has it’s upbeat side, there is also a quiet, tranquil, and beautiful side in many parts of Chicago, especially at UIC. This school is definitely for you if you’re the adventurous type.

2. Making A Name Across the World
UIC is already a great school, filled with a large team working tirelessly to make sure their students are the best. This can be seen through the schools academic results and ranking. For the past several years, UIC’s enrollment has skyrocketed, getting undergraduate, as well as, graduate students. UIC is known for it’s research as well, being one of the most federally funded schools in the nation. I’ll be honest, compared to other schools, UIC is also relatively cheaper and presses students more by developing a challenging curriculum to make sure students can truly be “all they can be.”

1. The UIC Experience
UIC has a truly different type of college experience compared to fellow campuses. It isn’t the typical college life you see in movies, UIC is different in that it carries a variety of students with different backgrounds. You’ll meet many people from around the world. One of the most important things I learned is that, “UIC will push you, grill you, and make you learn those hard lessonsthey always say it’ll get easier next semester, but it truly doesn’t. They’ll make sure you can be all-you-can-be by saying “you can do better.” But even through these hardships, UIC also brought me my closest friends and had me “believing in me.” 

I hope all of you have a wonderful Summer! Cheers!

Stay Classy Chicago,

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About Darren Ujano, Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering and I am employed by UIC Campus Housing as well as Project SYNCERE. Fun fact: I love eating Oreos

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