“Think Globally, Act Locally”


A busy past few weeks it’s been– went kayaking, played intramural basketball, studying for exams, while supervising JST Staff and DJ for Krome Radio.

Kayaking vintage photo before departing for the 6-mile trip

Kayaked down Chicago River. Enjoying the evening view before watching the Navy Pier Fireworks

Another exciting seminar I went too, Dr. Brundtland travels to UIC to raise awareness for global climate change and how to move towards a brighter, secure, and more sustainable future.

Former Director General of the World Health Organization, Prime Minister of Norway, and now serves the United Nations for the Special Envoy for Climate Change, Dr. Brundtland

She emphasized taking a more proactive role locally in helping global sustainability, putting forward research and funding and opening roadways to allow policies that will help achieve a greener future.

Top 3: Tips to Survive Exam Week

3. Make your schedule revolve around studying
Always put your schoolwork first. Work, hanging out, fun activities, etc. can always wait. Grades first!
2.  Survival of the Fittest
It’s important eat and rest well. In addition, get as much help as you can get to give you an edge on the exam– Office Hours, Study Groups, etc.
1. Sleep!
     Pulling “all-nighters” are very dangerous. What’s the point of studying late, if you can’t think straight. A rhyme I learned during ROTC.

Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next week!


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If you had one movie to bring to a deserted island, what would it be?

ANSWER FROM LAST WEEK: I would play Call of Duty with my idol.

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Top 3 Chicago Events to Look Forward to This Fall!








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One Response to “Think Globally, Act Locally”

  1. Michelle says:

    The movie that I would bring to a deserted island would be the Hangover!!! Might as well laugh at the situation :)