So What Classes You Taking??

Good morning UIC!!!!!

Frenzy everywhere as students hit classes for the fall semester. So to everyone!– here’s my class schedule with class description. Next week I will hand you guys my secret Top 5: Tips to Get Higher Grades.

CME 315: Soil Mechanics

Soil mechanics are part of the spectrum of Geomaterials in which it lay the foundation for research towards chemically amended soils, recycling wastes and byproducts, high water content materials, Geosynthetics and more.

CME 302: Transportation Engineering

Studying Traffic on Roosevelt road near UIC South Campus

In this class we design, operate, and plan transportation systems utilizing various technologies; in addition, practice our methods to the transportation system throughout Chicago in efforts to resolve urban gridlock.

CME 216: Environmental Engineering

Actually, this a guest lecturer from CME 315 speaking about ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) and the various supervising environmental committees

We explore common environmental engineering challenges and create designs for waste and water problems while accounting for the effects of man-made projects on resources.

CME 205: Structural Analysis

Not really a structures class picture-- but the JST Staff creating a pyramid using a common truss support system found in statics books

Classic analysis of truss supports, beams, and frames utilizing common methods such as displacements, shear, and bending moments.

That’s all for this week again! Comment and post with what classes your taking!!!

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: ”Top 5: Tips to get higher grades”

LAST WEEK ANSWER: Last date to drop a class without a withdraw is next Friday September 2nd, 2011 (UIC Catalog)

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What was the previous name of SCE (Student Center East)?


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