Preparing for UIC’s “The Big Move-in ” Day


Campus Housing is counting down the days before “The Big Move-in.” More than 3,500 Residents will be pouring into our residence halls.

I’ve been in intense Senior Staff and Assistant Director training for the past two days. The picture below is of our first kickoff meeting for training with a speech by Associate Director William Washington, followed by Director of Housing Susan Teggatz.

Associate Director of Housing, William Washington

The picture below is during one of our Supervisory Lectures of the ‘Sociogram’ in which visualizes resident’s interest, classes, and more to help cater to the student’s needs.

To the left, Area Coordinator Priscilla Velarde and Joe Timson.

During training, they emphasize on the benefits of living in Campus Housing. So I decided to write a quick Top 3: Reasons to Live in Campus Housing article.

3. Great Price
I’ve heard residents complain about the price for housing. It’s truly about what you make of the program. If students put in the effort to utilize housing then it really is definitely a place worth residing.

Free laundry, printing, wireless internet, study areas, facilities repair– don’t have to worry about electricity, water, or gas bills– discounted tickets to theater shows, sports tickets, and movies; also leadership, job, and career opportunities.

Taking residents to Lincoln Park Zoo

2. Home Away From Home
Our staff truly puts in the effort to make Campus Housing your home away from home. Your RA will invite you to floor dinners, programs, and outings while your PM helps with tutoring, classes, and UIC. Both of them are there to also offer support and act as a resource for UIC.

TBH residents hanging out at Grant Park

1. Educational Advantage
Plenty of leadership opportunities as well as networking with faculty, students, jobs, Chicago Businesses and more. Don’t have to commute far and invest more time into studying with other floor-mates in similar classes.

So that’s it for this week. Darren out!

TOPIC FOR NEXT WEEK: Behind the scenes of leading RAs 

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Where was UIC before it moved to it’s current location today?

ANSWER LAST WEEK: Captain America’s shield before the circle was actually a triangle. 

Picutre of author

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