First Post- About Me & ROTC

Hello Chicago!

My first blog post and I’m not sure where to start! I guess I’ll start with a little about me; I entered UIC Fall of 2007 and I’m currently studying Civil Engineering. I also serve as a Senior Resident Assistant for Campus Housing and my activities include the Army ROTC.

Summer has been inspiring, I’ve been researching in collaboration with the Army ROTC and inner-city Chicago Public Schools to develop and implement alternative leadership programs for students and high-risk teens. Through this, we can hope to increase city-college enrollment by providing soldiers, officers, and mentors as role model for students.

Meanwhile, surprising morning July 6th– I was in the Chicago Tribune! In the article, We were at the UIC Marketplace for Freshman Orientation talking about the Army ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps). Of the many universities across the country, only 250 have an ROTC program and UIC is of the fortunate few. The Chicago Tribune article link is:,0,3386101.story

That’s all I have for you this week. See you all next time.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Name the one food that is sugary sweet, and does not spoil no matter how late you eat!

WHAT I LEARNED THIS WEEK: Buying food in the city can sometimes be cheaper than cooking.

TOPIC NEXT WEEK: Campus Housing fun and looking back at my freshman photos =)

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About Darren Ujano, Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering and I am employed by UIC Campus Housing as well as Project SYNCERE. Fun fact: I love eating Oreos

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