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Sleeping so much and no alarm clock– It’s an awesome feeling after finals week! However, there’s still work to do. I’ll be spending the next few weeks applying for summer internships at difference engineering businesses, agencies, and firms. Hopefully I’ll make my 2012 summer a very productive one.

So my first week after finals, I went to check out some new restaurants around Chicago, and my hometown Bolingbrook. I’ve been craving burgers lately which brings me to our article:

Top 3: Must-Have Chicago Burgers

Kuma's Corner: Neurosis Burger

1. Kuma’s Corner
This place is absolutely delicious. I can’t even begin to describe the burgers rich taste, go checkout the menu for yourself! The restaurant and menu is influenced by rock music and heavy metal bands.

2. Rockit Bar & Grill
These burgers melt in your mouth. You can taste the mouthwatering juice and marinade from the burger; and the truffle fries are fantastic.

 3. Epic Burger
If you’re a more on the go person, this is the place to be. Epic Burger has the most pure and natural ingredients starting from it’s burger and includes the milk shakes, ice cream, fries and more.

See you all next week! Best wishes for holiday shopping–

Topic Next Week: “Time Capsule Video”

Question of the Week: If you had one gift to give your idol-crush for the holidays, what would it be?

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