5-Day Countdown


Here’s a snippet of my past 5 days through the eyes of JST.

**Day 5: Last Day of Training (Monday)

After Integrating Academics Into Your Community session, RA/PMs assembled at the South Athletic Fields for FIELD DAY.

**Day 4: Last Minute Preparations

I went around helping RA/PMs with bulletin boards and door-decs. Afterwards I went around JST seeing my staffs awesome bulletin boards and door-decs.

**Day 3: Freshman Opening

I supervised the South Campus Move-in Crew and welcomed hundreds of freshman residents and parents into JST.

After moving in and the freshman floor dinner, they were brought to the Freshman Dinner with special guest Jim Compton, former graduate of UIC and now Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for United Airlines.

Following the Freshman Dinner, residents were invited to floor programs such as the one depicted above titled, “Game Night.”

**Day 2: Continued Move-in Day

All other residents are now welcomed to move into JST. We had the JST Parents Association table setup as well as those interested in JST Hall Council.

**Today: New Student Days Activities

Listed below were New Student Days activities that continued throughout the week starting that Thursday. Take a look at what we have in store for residents.

I will be attending various NSD session throughout Friday.

That’s it for the week. Feel free to say hey to me on campus!


TOPIC NEXT WEEK: First Day of Classes

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: When is the final drop date for classes?

ANSWER LAST WEEK: If your favorite color is red, your ambitious, passionate, excited, and courageous.  







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  1. Sohee says:

    Oh wow! What a busy five days!!!